Premaxx Baby Bag Instructions

The Premaxx Baby Bag allows you to carry your infant around while letting your arms get some much-needed rest. Your newborn can rest comfortably against you in the fetal position. If your baby is at least 5 months old, you can move around with him sitting on your hip in the Baby Bag.

Positioning and Adjusting the Baby Bag

To put the Baby Bag on, place your head and arm through the sling. Position the Baby Bag so the Premaxx label is resting on top of your shoulder. For babies under age 5 months, place the mattress level with your stomach. For babies between 5 and 18 months old, place the mattress level with your hipbone. The clasp should be on your back.

Undo the sliding clasp to remove the sling, and use the stepped clasp to make adjustments to the position of the Baby Bag. To shorten the position, move the stepped clasp up the sling toward the label, and pull the sling through the sliding clasp as far as it will go. To lengthen the position, move the sliding clasp all the way down the sling, away from the label, and fix the stepped clasp in place at the opposite end of the sling, close to the label. Always bring the end of the sling through the sliding clasp to ensure your baby’s safety.

Pull the Baby Bag farther around to the front of you while moving the top of the sling slightly toward your back to keep a closer eye on your baby if she is younger than 5 months old. For sitting babies, make sure the Premaxx label rests on your shoulder. Use the cordstopper to pull the inner flap tight, and knot the remainder of the cord.

Placing Baby Inside

Make sure you have the Baby Bag positioned correctly and properly adjusted before putting your infant inside. Your baby’s head should be in the middle of the mattress at chest height on the same side as the shoulder holding the sling if he is age newborn to 5 months old. Pull up on the inner flap once you have him in position. If your baby is older than 5 months, hold him in place while you get him into the Baby Bag. Put it over his back first, then lower him to your hipbone. Make sure his bottom is resting on the center of the mattress. Put one of his legs behind you and the other in front of you. Place the lower flap between your baby’s legs, and pull up. Do not pull the cord on the lower flap. Move the outer flap up your baby’s back. Use the cordstopper to tighten the outer flap, then knot the rest of the cord.

Taking Baby Out

Release the outer flap cord to remove your baby from the Baby Bag. Always take her out before you undo the Baby Bag instead of taking it off with her inside. Because she is not secured with a harness or restraint, she could fall out easily.