How to Play TV Tag

How to Play TV Tag. Playing tag is a great way to have fun and get some exercise. A great benefit of the game is only a few people are necessary for play and the only materials needed are people and a bit of space. TV tag is a variation on the game of tag where players use knowledge of TV shows to give them an edge and remain safe from the person tagging them.

Regular TV Tag

Gather a group of players and decide who is going to be the person who chases everyone else. This person is called "It."

Run and try to stay away from the person who is "It." If they get close, yell out the name of a TV show and touch the ground. The player is now safe for 10 seconds and the "It" player needs to leave that player to tag others--no waiting around to tag the person when the 10 seconds are up.

Avoid repeating a show you or any other player already mentioned. If a player can't think of a show or repeats the name of a show, the player becomes the new "It."

Freeze TV Tag

Select a person to be the "It" who chases everyone around and tries to tag other players. Everyone starts running and the player who is "It" tags anyone they can.

Tag a player by touching them, and they must stand in the exact position they were in when the person who is "It" tagged them.

Run around to help the other players if not "It." Players become unfrozen if another runner tags them and yells the name of a TV show. Show titles may not be repeated.

Continue the game until everyone is frozen or someone repeats a title already called. That player now becomes "It."