How to Plan a Birthday Party with a Bouncy Castle for a 5-Year-Old

By David B. Ryan
Bouncy castles offer hours of fun, but extremely young children need constant supervision when jumping.
Bouncy castles offer hours of fun, but extremely young children need constant supervision when jumping.

Child-focused birthday celebrations with family, friends and inflatable castles have a basic wow factor for most young children. Bouncy structures offer exciting places to jump and play for 5-year-olds, and kids this age have the basic coordination and jumping skills to use the giant toys. Kids at age 5 typically need an adult present to remind them to take turns and share space in the jumping area, according to the National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families. Planning a party for your child involves all of the traditional planning steps, but the bouncy castle requires some special attention.

Determine the number of small and adult guests for your 5-year-old's party. Select and send invitations for the event.

Research companies renting bouncy castles by collecting recommendations from friends, family members and the Better Business Bureau. Ask the companies about liability insurance and safety procedures used in installing the castle.

Contact the companies for availability and pricing, and select one with an appropriate castle size for 5-year-olds that meets your needs. Children in the 5-year age range need a castle that allows easy access to the jumping area, as well as numerous inflated safety bars around the center jumping section of the toy to help children control jumps and remain safely inside the inflated toy.

Order cake, drink, party favors and buy the materials to create guest gift bags using a general theme, such as medieval knights or princesses. Rent small tables and chairs so that the 5-year-old guests can sit at an age-appropriate table to eat and drink.

Review the contract for the bouncy castle to ensure it includes the duties of the inflatable toy provider and your duties to have the area ready to receive the play equipment.

Invite the bouncy castle provider to visit your home to help select an area in the yard to safely place the giant toy. Set a party delivery time for the provider that allows time to place the castle, add air and safety test the toy before any children arrive for the party.

Establish a schedule with family members and adult guests so at least one adult is monitoring the bouncy castle at all times during the party to oversee the children at play. Brief the adult supervisors on the definition of safe play inside the castle, including proper footwear for jumping, limiting the number of kids inside the castle, prohibiting food inside the toy and outlawing horseplay where children grab and push each other down while jumping.

Meet with the castle provider before the party and install the bouncing toy.

Set up the party tables and chairs and decorate the party area with the theme decorations.

Welcome guests to your 5-year-olds party and demonstrate how the bouncy castle works. Allow the kids to use the toy, but put a temporary stop to the bouncing when the birthday cake and food are served.

Clean up after the party, disconnect the air supply, deflate the castle and wait for the rental company to collect the toy. Supervise the toy until pick up for safety and to ensure no damage occurs to the deflated toy.

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