Places for a Teenager to Have a Party

Planning a party for a teenager can be a demanding task for any parent. Whether the party is for a birthday, graduation, holiday or other special occasion, it can be difficult to select a proper venue. Though cost and safety may be your ultimate concern, working together with your teen will increase your chances of finding a place to have the party that makes both of you happy.

The Great Outdoors

Having your teen's party outdoors may be an option if the party is taking place during a time of the year when the weather is pleasant. If a large group of people are invited, they will also have more room to spread out and have fun. A beach or pool party is an outdoor option that may appeal to your teen. Everyone can dress in his or her favorite swimwear and you can serve food off the grill. If your teen is extremely popular in the neighborhood, you may consider having a block party near your home. Invite the neighbors to bring their favorite foods and everyone can enjoy the celebration. This may also be a great option if your teen and other teens on the block are celebrating a graduation.

Sports-Related Places

If your teen is a sports fan or enjoys sports-related activities, use that as inspiration for selecting a party venue. Have the party at a bowling alley 1. Many bowling alleys allow you to book parties that generally include food, drinks and use of bowling lanes. Another idea is to have the party at an ice or roller skating rink. Party rentals at large rinks typically include a private section for enjoying food and drinks and use of the skating rink, while party rentals at smaller rinks may include private use of the whole rink. Check with the rink to be sure before booking the party.

Peaceful Indoor Places

For a teen who wants to enjoy a peaceful night partying with a small group of friends, an indoor venue may be ideal. Consider having the party at a local pizza or buffet restaurant. Some restaurants may even allow you to set up decorations and sing songs. Choosing a restaurant that books private parties is a great choice 1. If your teen enjoys slumber parties, a party in your home is also an option. Rent movies and organize activities that they may like. Teen girls may enjoy a spa-themed slumber party where they can do their hair, get facials and apply makeup. Renting a hotel room to host the slumber party may also be an idea that older teens may appreciate.

Places for Action and Adventure

If your teen has action and adventure in mind, there are places that they are likely to find exciting. Have the party at a laser tag arena. Book a private room where your teen and his friends can split into groups and battle each other, or allow them to battle other players in public rooms. Another option is to have your teenager's party at an amusement, water or theme park. These venues offer many attractions, such as rides, water slides, arcade games, go-karts and mini golf, so there is no shortage of things for your teen and his friends to do.