Party Places for Toddlers in Springfield, Missouri

Toddler birthdays are one of the most precious events in the entire parenting experience. It's not unusual to want to have every detail perfect and to capture the entire event in photos so you'll have those memories forever. Springfield, Missouri has several fun and exciting toddler birthday venues to fit all tastes and budgets.

For the Jumper

Springfield is home to two very popular party destinations for children who love inflatable bounce houses: Jump Mania and Jumpin' Joeys. Jump Mania offers prepackaged birthday parties for groups of 8, 16 and 25 children every day, as well as private packages for up to 50 guests during non-business hours 1. Jump Mania will provide custom invitations and feed your guests pizza and cupcakes once they arrive. Jumpin' Joeys offers very similar packages for 8, 16 or 24 guests in a lively Australian theme that is wildly popular with the kids. These party places offer a large variety of inflatable houses for jumping including some for every age group. Both facilities also provide the birthday child with a customized T-shirt to commemorate the occasion.

For the Painter

If you have a budding Rembrandt in your house, consider Noah's Art for your party host. Noah's Art offers birthday parties for children turning age 3 or older 1. Your toddler will enjoy face painting, and then three or four short art projects lasting a total of up to 45 minutes after which he can sit down for some cake and ice cream with his guests. The company provides a party host and the paper goods for the party, while parents are responsible for food and dessert. At the party scene, there's a large banner announcing his big day as well as balloons and other festive decorations to spruce up the event. Similarly, Firehouse Pottery offers the Tickle Monster Party Package for little ones 3. This party package includes a host who reads the animated Tickle Monster storybook while wearing special Tickle Monster gloves 3. The kids get to choose their own monsters to paint and the birthday child also gets a special plate as a souvenir. Decorations, food and beverages, including the cake, are your responsibility.

For the Brainy Kid

The Discovery Center is the perfect destination for a party celebrating your budding Einstein 1. This 25,000-square foot building houses dozens of scientific, hands-on exhibitions, many of which are designed for small children. You can rent the birthday room, which holds lots of kids -- and the rental price includes admission to the center 1. If your child's birthday falls during the fall and winter months, check with the Discovery Center about Science Sprout Museum Days, which include special science demonstrations, science story times and hands-on science experiences for kids ages 6 and under 1. Since the facility offers entertaining and enriching exhibits for children of all ages, there's plenty to keep older siblings entertained as well. Many brainy toddlers also enjoy a trip to the zoo. Springfield's Dickerson Park Zoo offers special rates to groups of 15 or more, but toddlers age 2 and under are free. Enjoy the many interactive exhibits highlighting the more than 150 animal habitats, then finish off the festivities by setting up your own cake and ice cream party at the toddler-friendly Playground Park just outside of the zoo. If your party happens to occur in the summer, consider the Zoo Education Broadens the Realization of Animals, or Z.E.B.R.A., program for children ages 2 to 3 that includes up-close visits with animals and hands-on activities.

For the Explorer

There are several places in Springfield to plan an outdoor party for your little one. The Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park includes a 113-acre park and a spectacular butterfly house featuring many varieties of butterflies found in Missouri. While there are multiple places you could hold your party in this area, the Workshop Studio room at the Botanical Center is designed for hands-on workshops and cleanup is easy. The Springfield Conservation Nature Center, nestled near Lake Springfield, features 80 acres of walking trails surrounding a beautiful visitor's center 2. Since this facility is free and taxpayer-supported, it does not offer planned party services; however, there are many places to have your outdoor party at this wildlife-rich playground.