New Year's Eve Party Games for Teens

Allowing your teen to throw a New Year's Eve party inside your home helps ensure she is able to enjoy the festivities safely 1. Instead of allowing the teens to run rampant, plan a few age-appropriate party games guaranteed to keep the rowdy teenagers occupied long past midnight.

Movie Charades

Incorporate scenes and lines from your teenager's favorite movies from the past year into a game called movie charades. Much like the classic game of charades, this one also involves acting out a person, place or thing. Begin by sitting down with your teenager and writing a list of her and her friend's favorite films from the past year. Write down scenes, people or themes from the films onto slips of paper and place them all into a hat. On the night of the party, help your teenager explain the game is played like traditional charades, but the correct answers are from popular films from the past year 1. Buy copies of your teen's favorite films to hand out as prizes for the winning team or individuals.

Guess Whose Resolution

As the teenagers enter the party, ask each of them to write down their name and a New Year's resolution on a slip of paper 1. Instruct the teenagers to keep what they wrote down a secret throughout the evening. Help your teen write down all the names and corresponding resolutions on a sheet of paper. To play the game, gather all the guests together and provide each of them with a pen and paper. Instruct the players to guess which teenager at the party wrote down a particular resolution as they entered the door. The player that is able to successfully match each teenager to their resolution wins a prize.

Name That Famous Song

Test your teenager and her friend's knowledge of popular music by playing a game called name that famous song. With your teenager's help, write down a list of the most popular songs from the past year. Write down each of these songs on separate slips of paper. During the party, gather all the teenagers in a quiet room and instruct them to each take a piece of paper from the bucket or bowl. Stand the first teenager in front of the room and set 30 seconds on a timer. It's the first teenager's job to hum the song on his slip. Once a teenager in the room successfully guesses the song, stop the clock and write down the time. This is the first contestant's time. The teenager with the best time is the winner.

New Year's Wish Collage

Help your teen and her friend's realize their aspirations for the next year by creating a wish collage. Divide the teenagers into groups of two, three or four people. Provide each team with a white poster board, markers, old magazines and a variety of other craft supplies, including glue, glitter, gems and stickers. Set a timer for 20 to 30 minutes and instruct the teenagers to create an collage featuring their hopes and dreams for the next year. The team that creates the most fascinating and inspiring collage is the winner.