How to Make Plastic Action Figures

Plastic action figures sold in stores can be expensive and impersonal 1. A unique action figure designed by you is something that you and your kids can enjoy. All you need is some forming wire and polymer clay, which can be found at local crafting stores. Painting your figure is another option. Polymer clay can be painted with acrylic paint found in craft stores. Make just one figure or a whole series of figures for years of enjoyment.

Bend the wire into the shape of a body. Cut separate pieces for the legs, arms and head. Curve the smaller wires for the limbs around the body piece. You may need pliers and wire cutters, depending on the thickness of wire you purchase.

Mold the polymer clay carefully onto your wire figure. Add additional pieces of clay to limbs or the head if you want to make claws or hair or other features.

Preheat your oven to 300 degrees, since most polymer clays bake well at this temperature. Bake the action figure on a cookie sheet for the time recommended on the box the clay came in.

Remove the action figure and set on the counter to cool.

Paint your action figure with acrylic paint once it has cooled 1.


Touch the clay to ensure that it is completely cooled before painting.


It is advisable to not exceed 300 degrees when baking because the clay can burn at higher temperatures.