How to Make Your Own Goodie Bag for a Kid's Birthday

Birthday parties involve an assortment of festive traditions. It’s common for guests to go home from a birthday bash with goodie bags filled with enjoyable trinkets and treats. While you could purchase ready-made goodie bags, it’s also possible to make homemade bags to give to your party guests. Choose paper that matches your party theme and create your own bags to hold party goodies.

Decorate the paper with whatever crafting materials you desire to create an engaging design on the paper. As you decorate, designate one long side of the paper to become the top of the bag, especially if you opt to write guests' names on the bags. Allow any decorations to dry completely.

Orient the paper with the wrong side facing upward and the top edge of the bag on top. Measure 2 inches and 4 inches in from the left edge and make marks at these points. Repeat the same process from the right edge of the bag. Fold and crease the bag at these points and unfold. This creates the sides of the bag.

Measure up 2 inches from the bottom edge of the bag. Fold and crease the bag at this point and unfold. This creates the bottom of the bag.

Bring the left and right edges of the bag toward the center with the decorated side facing out. Overlap the edges by approximately 1 inch. Glue this overlapped edge securely and allow the glue to dry.

Lay the glued bag so the bottom is closest to you. Collapse the bag by folding the sides in to make it flat 1.

Fold the bottom corners of the bag up to meet the fold line you created previously, located 2 inches from the bottom edge of the paper. Crease these triangle folds and unfold them.

Uncollapse the bag and fold the bottom edges to the inside along the triangle fold lines. This creates two flaps at the bottom of the bag, one on top and one on the bottom. Crease these folds to make them neat.

Fold the top flap down and the bottom flap up on the bottom of the bag. Glue the flaps securely and allow the glue to dry.


The 8.5-by-11-inch paper makes a small goodie bag, ideal for a few tiny trinkets. To make a larger goodie bag, use a sheet of of 11-inch by 17-inch paper. Make 4-inch and 6-inch folds from the right and left edges of the paper. Fold the bottom edge of the paper up 3 inches. Use scrapbooking paper or wrapping paper in designs and colors that match your party theme instead of decorating the paper. Make bags with white paper and allow children to decorate the goodie bags.