How to Make Magnet Toys

How to Make Magnet Toys. Many of the toys you find in stores are things that you can make easily and, most importantly, inexpensively at home. One of these easy toy crafts is magnetic toys. With supplies available at most craft stores, you can create a wide array of magnetic toys and games and unlike the store-bought toys, you can personalize them to fit your child's unique interests. Since they stay in place, they also make great travel toys.

Determine your surface to set your size limits. For example, if you're going to play with the toys on a refrigerator, you may have more room than if you plan to use a metal cookie sheet or other smaller metal area.

Plan your toy. Your limits are only your supply of magnetic sheets and your imagination. You can make magnetic cars to run on a race track, a doll with clothes to dress up, chess/checker games, letters to play hangman or just about anything else you can think up.

Find or create an appropriate picture. If you don't have a personal collection to use, you can find many printable pictures on the Internet. With inkjet magnet sheets, you can print the pictures straight to the magnet.

Create your own picture, if you can't find what you want. You can do this either in a graphics editing program like Microsoft Paint, Print Shop Pro or Photoshop, or you can draw straight on the magnet sheets with permanent markers.

Cut out your toys. Use fairly sharp scissors for a clean cut.

Play on any magnetic surface. If you wish to use the toys in the car, metal lunch boxes or other collector tins are great for both playing surfaces and storage.

Things You Will Need

  • Magnetic surface
  • Images
  • Markers
  • Inkjet magnetic sheets
  • Scissors


If you're giving this toy to a child under 3 years old, keep the pieces large to make sure she won't choke on or swallow them.