How to Make Cool & Easy Stuff With Legos

LEGO bricks are used to construct toy buildings, cars, characters and all kinds of items. LEGO bricks allow you to be creative and you can build small and simple things to add to your collection. LEGO bricks come in a variety of shapes and colors, which allows you to design almost anything. You can build containers to hold some of your LEGO projects or to hold desk items such as pens and paper clips. Animals can be also be constructed using LEGO bricks.

Build a LEGO fountain. Snap single-pegged strips of LEGO bricks into a square shape on top of a flat board. Add a large round LEGO brick in the middle of the square. Add a small LEGO round brick in the center of the large round brick. Snap in a rod and add a round bowl-shaped piece on top. Add another rod to create a second layer and add another smaller bowl-shaped LEGO piece. You now have a LEGO fountain design.

Build a LEGO dog. Snap a sloped piece upside down onto a flat LEGO strip back to back. This will created a tapered look. Add thicker rectangle LEGO bricks on top of the sloped pieces to create a body. Use a two-peg piece on the back of the body. Add a flat LEGO on top to create a smooth look for a tail. Place a series of sloped pieces together with small one- or two-peg pieces to create a face. Use single-peg LEGO pieces with a hole in the middle for eyes. Attach the face to the body. Add ears with a single flat LEGO piece on each side. Build four legs using single-peg LEGOS. Add a two-peg flat piece to the legs to make paws. You can design any type of dog out of LEGOS.

Build a pirate scene for your LEGO people. Snap together flat strips of tan LEGO bricks to create a sandy scene. It's OK if you sand is uneven. Build it higher in some areas to give it a more realistic look. Add flat blue LEGO bricks to one side of your tan LEGO block section to create the appearance of an ocean tide. Clear LEGO bricks can be used in combination to create bubbles for your water's edge. Snap in grey sloped pieces together with single-peg gray bricks to make rocks on the beach. LEGO makes a pirate treasure box you can add to the sand area.

Build a storage box to hold your LEGO projects, extra blocks or everyday items. Use a large flat LEGO platform. Build around the edges of the platform with LEGO bricks. Continue building the walls of your box to its desired size. Small LEGO storage boxes can be made using small LEGO platforms. Build a pencil cup holder or desk organizer by creating a square shape around the flat LEGO board and building up with layers of blocks until it is as high as you need.