How to Make a Beyblade Stadium

A Beyblade stadium is an arena used to battle the popular Hasbro Beyblade toys and making your own Beyblade stadium is easy. All it requires is a little imagination and any household items available to you. Kitchen equipment like woks, frying pans and bowls can all be transformed into a Beyblade stadium. You can use your environment or even customize an official stadium to give it a whole new lease of life.

Look in the kitchen for a quick fix DIY stadium. Try using a wok or frying pan as a stadium and the smooth base and sloping edges will allow you to battle your Beyblades effectively. Woks and frying pans require you to make no adjustments before you make them into a stadium.

Gather some small stones or pebbles and place them in a circle to form the shape of your stadium. Arrange them on a smooth surface like a paving slab. Pour a little water into the center of your stone stadium to create dramatic Beyblade battles.

Create an ice stadium by freezing some water in a bowl. Once the water is frozen, chip it in places to create bumps and obstacles.

Experiment with different household objects to create different themes for your stadium. For example, try creating a school themed stadium by using stationary such as pencils and erasers for obstacles. Use a ruler to create a ramp to bring a new dimension to your Beyblade battles.

Customize an existing stadium to make a whole new arena. Try resting your official Beyblade arena on top of two Beyblade boxes. This suspended arena will now wobble when you battle in it, adding an element of surprise to the game.