How to Insert Straps in a Wood High Chair

High chairs raise infants and small children to table height, making it easier for a parent to feed the baby. They also give the child a good view of taller people, including them in the family at mealtime. But raising the child presents danger. If the child squirms out of the seat, the high chair means a high fall 1. It is vital to strap the child into the seat for safety. Wooden high chairs, especially older or antique wooden high chairs, may not have safety straps attached.

Spread out the safety strap. The three-piece strap has a crotch strap and a left and right strap that attach with a clip buckle in the middle of the front.

Turn the chair over. Place the eyelet of the crotch strap on the center of the support under the high chair seat. Insert the screw into the eyelet. With the drill, screw the wood screw into the support, securing the crotch strap. Turn the chair right side up.

Unclip the center buckle of the waist strap. This will leave you with a left strap with the male portion of the clip buckle on one side of the strap and a loop on the other. The right strap has the female portion of the buckle one on side and a loop on the other.

Place the loop of the left-hand strap next to the left-hand spindle of the high chair back. Wrap the strap around the spindle and insert the buckle through the loop. Pull to tighten the loop and secure the strap to the spindle. Repeat with the right-hand strap and spindle.

Thread the left-hand portion of the buckle into the loop on the crotch strap.

Place the baby in the seat with a leg on either side of the crotch strap. Buckle the waist strap. Tighten the left-hand strap as needed to secure the baby.


If you have a newer or current model wooden high chair, check with your manufacturer for specific straps for your chair.


Never place a child in a high chair without securing the safety strap. Install safety straps before placing a baby in the high chair.