How to Increase Fertility Quickly With Maca

An ancient method for increasing fertility is showing promise for couples

After futile years of trying for pregnancy, some have turned to a simple method for increasing fertility and have reported conceiving within two months or less with this easy method. For many centuries, a sacred South American root vegetable called maca has been used as a quick, safe and powerful substance for increasing fertility and conception in both women and men. Discovered and tested as a fertility plant by Dr. Gloria Chacón de Popovici in the 20th century, the root has since been studied extensively for safety and effectiveness, and both men and women who previously couldn't conceive are now happily reporting pregnancies, sometimes just a couple of months after beginning to eat this root. If you're wondering about increasing fertility, this eHow article will show how to easily find and use maca to increase fertility at home, quite easily.

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Maca is known to increase fertility in an extremely safe and unique way, different than other herbs. In America, several companies sell the harvested root dried and powdered, then either put into capsules or simply sold as a loose powder (it actually has a pleasant taste).

Obtain maca. Maca is sold in health food stores and online. As you might expect, once a new "herb" or exotic sounding health discovery catches enough attention, companies begin to compete on whose is the best. With any plant based product that's grown and processed far away, there really are ways for a shoddy company to get old, pesticide laden, or less effective (and cheaper) varieties of the plant to sell and make a quick profit. The companies I've researched that show an effort to provide the best type of maca in an ethical way that helps their company's reputation grow over the long run include Certified Organic Maca Magic (sold in health food stores), Amazon Herbs (this one has to be ordered online) Imperial Gold Maca and Royal Maca also sold in various outlets, the latter of which has been reported by an author and even reportedly recommended by doctors to balance hormones when nothing else medical or natural would, and to help with increasing fertility so people conceive rather quickly. (Please contact author if you've had positive results with other brands, I'd like to list them here as well).

Plan your dosage. For people using maca as a general tonic, a teaspoon a day 3 to 7 days a week is a maintenance dosage. For people needing more serious hormonal balance such as a need for increasing fertililty, a "loading dose" of a heaping tablespoon a day is sometimes recommended. Only you can make the decision on which dosage to begin, but since maca is a new vegetable for your body, even if you decide to start right in with the tablespoon a day, you may still want to take a few days first to build up to it so your body can get used to digesting it. Start with a teaspoon and work your way up to a heaping tablespoon. Many people having trouble conceiving who wondered how to increase fertility and then turned to maca continued to take it right on into their second or third child. Some people take it for life for its health benefits. If you decide to continue taking maca long term, it's suggested you take it for 120 days, go off for 30 days, then on again for 120 and so on. Somehow the body responds best to it this way. You may also want to decrease your amount over time because maca has a beneficial cumulative effect.

Plan how you'll get your daily amount. Decide on your dosage, then don't miss any days until you reach 120 days. If you decide your base daily dosage for increasing fertility will be, for example, one heaping tablespoon, adjust your methods of taking maca to make sure you obtain that dosage daily. For example, as mentioned, maca does come in capsule form also, so read the label to see what would be the equivalent of a tablespoon. Maca also comes in a tea form, so if you prefer that method, read the label and make sure you're getting your correct dosage, whether that be one, two, or three cups a day. Maca powder can be baked with, mixed in with yogurt, applesauce, milk, smoothies, fruit juice, mashed potatoes and brown rice, or just about any other way you can think of to take it, as heat doesn't destroy its ability to increase fertility. When baking eight muffins, for example, add two tablespoons of maca powder in with the mix. Two muffins would supply a half tablespoon of maca.


Always check with your doctor before trying a new food or healing program for increasing fertility. As one example, while some people have also taken small dosages of maca for thyroid problems, other people found that high dosages of maca combined with thyroid medication may overstimulate the thyroid.


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