Can I Take Children's Tylenol While Pregnant?

Acetaminophen, the name of the drug used in Tylenol products, is a pain reliever that also reduces fever 2. Children's Tylenol is merely a smaller dosage of the same drug. Typically, doctors recommend Tylenol when patients have fevers or aches associated with colds, flus or sprains. For pregnant women, there is a concern of harm to the baby with any drug.


Tylenol is generally considered safe during pregnancy. While no drug is considered 100 percent safe during pregnancy, Tylenol is considered safe enough for the growing fetus. In the case of fevers, taking Tylenol is considered safer than allowing the fever to get too high, as fevers can be dangerous for the fetus.


The difference between adult Tylenol and Children's Tylenol is the dosage. Tylenol dosage is based on body weight, so Children's Tylenol is designed for those weighing less than the typical pregnant adult. So while it is safe to take Children's Tylenol during pregnancy, it probably won't be effective in reducing fever or pain. After all, Children's Tylenol usually provides anywhere from 15 mg to 30 mg per dose, where as regular Tylenol provides 500 mg per pill.


The best course of action while you are pregnant is to talk to your obstetrician about any medications you would like to take. She may have recommendations on dosages or alternative solutions that are the safest for the baby.

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