Ideas for a Wall Doll Display

What do you do when your doll collection outgrows your dresser top? There are many ways to creatively display a doll collection and an entire cottage industry devoted to supplying display cases and display shelves for collector dolls. It's not necessary to spend a small fortune on doll display cabinets and cases, though. There are many ideas for a wall doll display that use inexpensive and attractive ways to show off a prized collection of dolls.

Display Larger Dolls in Wall Boxes

Make use of open storage cubes to create an attractive wall display for your dolls and their accessories. Shop the storage department at your local home improvement or department store to find wooden storage cubes with no back. If the cubes are too deep, use a craft saw to trim them to the desired depth, or cut them in half. Paint the cubes to match or contrast with the walls, then mount them in a pleasing arrangement on a bare wall using shelf brackets. Stand or sit dolls on top of the cubes and display their accessories inside, or arrange two or three dolls in and on each cube for a charming, custom made wall doll display.

Display Dolls on Built-in Floating Shelves

Floating shelves make an attractive display shelf for several dolls. Unlike traditional shelves mounted on visible metal or wood brackets, floating shelves seem to be held in place magically. Instead of sitting on brackets, floating shelves slide over strips attached the wall, hiding them completely. One of the advantages of a set of floating shelves is that they can be arranged in many different configurations, creating a display that's customized to show off each doll to its best advantage.

Display Dolls on a Wall-Mounted Staircase

Instead of trying to crowd all of your dolls onto horizontal shelves, make use of vertical space on your walls. One attractive and unusual way to display dolls is to build a set of "stairs" on the wall. Stair step shelves are available from a number of home decor stores, but they're not difficult to build if you're relatively handy with a craft saw or jigsaw. Mount one or two stair shelves on the wall and arrange your doll collection on the 'stairs', standing or sitting. Depending on the depth of the steps, stair shelves are ideal for displaying fashion dolls, baby dolls or 14 to 18 inch collector dolls.