How to Make Wigs for Dolls

Yarn is the ideal material for doll wigs. It can be styled simply, finger combed and is affordable and easy to work with. Choose a good quality yarn for a good result when making doll hair. Wool is an excellent choice and some wools are machine washable. However, you can also opt for cotton, acrylic or other fibres. Consider the age of the child and how the doll will be played with when deciding on a doll wig style.

Decide on the hairstyle for your doll. You can make long braided doll wigs, long ponytailed or pigtailed doll wigs and short, loose doll wigs. Long loose hair is more challenging and may work best stitched into the doll's head strand by strand.

Cut a piece of cardboard the desired total length of your hair strands. Wrap yarn around the cardboard repeatedly, keeping it flat against the template. Continue wrapping until your doll wig is the desired width. Allow an extra 2 to 3 inches for trimming as needed.

Apply clear tape to both sides of the yarn along your desired part line. Using a neat, small back stitch sew along the centre of your tape. You may also use a sewing machine for this step if you prefer, being sure to secure your stitching at each end.

Lay your doll wig into place on the doll's head. Using a needle and thread, sew into place along the part line. A curved needle made for doll making and upholstery can make this easier. Place your part in the centre or on the side for pigtails or braids. A short loose style requires two wigs. The first has a short front section and a longer back one and is sewn on horizontally to create fringe. A second wig is sewn onto the head vertically to form the back and sides of the hair.

Trim and style your doll wig. Use a needle and thread to secure the hairstyle into place. Once the hair is styled, carefully stitch the hair down to the head in a few places to hold the style on the head as desired. This will also prevent the doll's scalp from showing through.


Make a single ponytail by creating two horizontal wigs, one with fringe. Sew along the hairline and make a ponytail. Make short sewn strips to create a spiky boy doll wig. Tightly braid and wet yarn or knit and unravel yarn to create curly or wavy doll hair.


Be certain to secure hair well, especially if the doll will be played with. Braids are the most secure hairstyle option.