How to Make Doll Hair

Making hair for your doll can be the most rewarding part of doll making. The hair sets the personality for the doll. Part of the decision in making hair is deciding what message you want the doll to convey. You also need to consider the intended use for your doll. If the doll will be a toy, yarn hair will be adorable and durable. If the doll will be a decorator's piece, you may decide to use mohair. Rag hair is another alternative for doll hair.

Cut 30 pieces of yarn six inches long.

Separate the plies from all 30 pieces.

Pull half of the yarn piece through the head using a craft needle.

Tie a knot in the yarn at the head.

Pull half the yarn piece through the head using a craft needle.

Move the head around. Insert the yarn close together.

Repeat until you've used all yarn pieces.

Place a small section of mohair on the doll's head near the neck.

Felt the mohair into place by pushing the felting needle in and out of the mohair and doll scalp approximately 20 times.

Add another section of mohair near the first. Repeat pushing instructions.

Continue adding mohair. Work from the bottom to the top.

Use the felting needle at the scalp's centre to jab a "part line" from the front to the back. Add a little section in the front for fringe.

Cut six strips of fabric approximately one inch wide and 12 inches long.

Place one strip of fabric on top of the doll's head. The length should hang with the ends in the direction of each ear.

Sew the strip into place using the needle and thread. Place a second strip just beneath the first, working toward the neck.

Repeat sewing instructions and continue adding the pieces until you have used all six strips.

This will have created a left section of hair and a right section of hair.

Gather the left section of hair in your hand and use a strip of fabric to tie a bow near the ear of the doll. This forms a pigtail. Sew the bow to the doll head 1.

Repeat for the right section.


Optionally, tie bows in the hair for a friendly look. Put yarn hair or rag hair in ponytails, if you like that look, and either let the fringe hang down or pull them back. Choose gingham or other prints for the rag hair to add a country look. You can cut short strips of fabric to add fringe to your rag hair.


Mohair doll hair is not for use on toys.