How to Build Lego Transformers

You can use Lego blocks to build characters from the well-known Transformers franchise. Transformers are shape-changing robots popularised by a toy line, animated show and movie series. The variety and versatility of Lego blocks makes them an ideal construction material for transforming toy robots. Transformers made from Lego incorporate the added challenge of copying an existing design and colour scheme. Many Lego Transformers builders create functioning multi-configuration figures to further increase the level of difficulty.

Sort through online pictures of Lego Transformers made by other builders to find inspiration or a design you want to replicate (see Resources). Find builds that incorporate Lego pieces you already own.

Make a parts list for the Transformers character you intend to build. Draw the original creation you have in mind or closely examine the pictures of the model you are copying to make a list that includes every part you need. Most Transformers are symmetrical and require at least two of every part.

Find the Lego pieces from the build list that you already own and cross them off. Order the individual pieces you need to complete the project directly from the Lego Pick-a-Brick store (see Resources).

Build the individual body sections that compromise the Transformer. Closely follow the detailed photos or the original sketch you made.

Connect the arms, legs, torso and head of the Lego Transformer to complete the build project. Test the articulation of the Transformer by twisting and folding it where the joints and connects are located.


Try making a larger scale version of an existing build to challenge yourself and use more Lego pieces. Some larger Lego Transformers are held up by Lego stands so they are able to stand in the fully transformed position.