How to Attach Yarn Hair on a Doll

Doll-making lets you create different features and styles whether your dolls are for gifts or other uses. When you make homemade dolls you create their bodies, limbs, clothing and hair. The hair of a doll can be made with yarn, especially if you're making a standard rag doll. Knowing how to attach yarn hair to a doll isn't a difficult task and it allows you to further personalise your doll creations.

Measure the dimensions of your doll's bald head.

Use the dimensions of your doll's head to determine the amount of yarn you need for the doll's hair. Cut the yarn from the skein by unravelling about 3 feet, for starters. Decide on how long you want your doll's hair to be and snip the long length of yarn into several smaller lengths. If your doll is large, or if you want longer, thicker hair, cut another 3 feet from the skein and repeat the process again.

Spread a fabric square out in front of you that matches the measurements of your doll's head. For example, if your doll's head is 6 inches tall and 8 inches wide, you will need a large enough square to fit just at the top of the doll's head. This serves as the base for the yarn hair.

Squeeze some hot glue diagonally across the fabric square to make an "X" from one corner to the other.

Spread the arranged yarn hair over the glued fabric segment. Make it to where the fabric is completely concealed by the yarn hair. To do this, use the strips of yarn you cut from the skein and lay them, individually, across the glued surface of the fabric square. If needed, cut more yarn to supplement it after you finish. If glue seeps upward between the rows of hair, place more strips on top to conceal it. This makes the hair fuller and thicker as well. Let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

Flip the yarn-covered square over and make another glue "x" shape. Adhere this side of the fabric to the crown of the doll's head. Adjust it as needed before the hot glue completely melts and arrange the hair accordingly. Let it dry for 10 minutes. If corners of the fabric square poke out from beneath the yarn hair, trim the edges with a pair of small sewing scissors; however, with enough hair added to the fabric strip, this won't be necessary.


Style the doll's hair or leave it as is, depending on the kind of doll you've made. You can use thin-gauge ribbon to created bow-tied pigtails or singular braids. Add more yarn strips as needed to complete the look you want. You can even use multicoloured strips of yarn for a creative, rainbow-coloured head of doll hair.