How to Get Free Hot Wheels Stuff in the Mail

Over 1 billion Hot Wheels cars have been produced.

Hot Wheels, created in 1968 as a branch of the Mattel Toy Company, produces toy die-cast cars that are popular with children and adults alike. Since production started, over 1 billion Hot Wheels cars have been made. There have been several different collections of Hot Wheels cars, including the Treasure Hunt series, First Edition series and Elite series—most of which consist of rare, hard to find die-cast cars. Because of the popularity of Hot Wheels, many additional products have been created, consisting of posters, secret cars and collectible cards. Most of these products are offered to club members or those who enter certain sweepstakes.

Look on Facebook. Hot Wheels has its own page on Facebook. From time to time, it offers special contests and sweepstakes specifically for its “friends” on Facebook—such as free downloads, posters and special cars mailed to your home. Sign on to Facebook. Enter “Hot Wheels” in the search box on your homepage. This will take you to the main Hot Wheels page. Click on the “Like” button at the top of their page. You will now be updated on all of its posted contests.

Join the Red Line Club. The Red Line Club is a members-only area created on the Hot Wheels Collectors website. To purchase the Red Line Club membership, you will need a free membership to (see "Resources"). Simply by joining the club, you will receive a member’s kit, which includes a rare, exclusive Hot Wheels car, collector’s button, membership card and preview of exclusive sales. There is a $24.99 one-time fee to join (as of August 2010). To join, visit the Hot Wheels Red Line Club website. Click the “Add to Cart” button. A script box will pop up. After reading the membership agreement, type “I Accept” in the box. Click "OK."

Collect reward points. Another benefit to being a member of the Red Line Club is collecting points. Every purchase you make through your membership, adds points to your account. Some cars and sales are worth more points than others. Each purchase you make will show you the amount of points that will be added to your account before you make your sale. When you have built up enough points, you can trade them in for free merchandise, including rare cars. The number of points you need is usually 10, but it does vary from vehicle to vehicle.