Hospital Bag Essentials: A Checklist for Mom and Baby

I remember thinking that “packing the hospital bag” would be something I did way down the road when I was much more prepared for baby. But now that I’ve finished week 34 of my pregnancy, the time has arrived! How did that happen? Packing for a vacation or a trip out of town is something I can do with my eyes closed. However, packing to go to the hospital for the birth of my first baby is another story. It’s so magical to think that my husband and I won’t be coming home alone when we leave! It still seems to be a bit of a dream to me.

Nonetheless, packing the hospital bag was actually quite fun! I’m sharing a little sneak into all the items I packed for myself and my baby girl. Plus, I have included a free printable checklist for your own use if you or someone you know is delivering soon!

First on my list is a bath robe for sure! A nice comfortable one is a must. I know I will need loose comfortable clothing and slippers. I have never had a baby before, but I can imagine that comfort is going to be key for me. Also, many family and friends have given advice on lots of the other items to pack. My mom clearly remembers begging for chapstick when staying at the hospital for my delivery, so it’s definitely on my list!

I’m SO excited about Baby Girl’s coming home outfit. I know that I’ll likely change her out of such a nice little dress once she is settled at home, but there is something so charming about dressing her to the nines for her arrival home! This little white dress with pink detailing was the first gender-specific item I bought after finding out it’s a girl. I have mini socks to match plus striped mittens and a striped hat. (I’m a stripes lover!)

For my husband, a few items are of utmost importance. Snacks! My hospital is not located near a ton of easy-to-get-to food choices so having a few snacks (fruit snacks, pretzels, and trail mix) on hand will definitely come in handy. We have a Beats audio player so I’m going to put Hubby in charge of playing music off my “hospital playlist.”

I love giving little treats to friends and family so my mom will help package up simple cookies in pink bags for family, visitors, and most importantly, the nurses who will be caring for me and Baby!

So now I’m all packed and ready for Baby. Of course, she needs to stay put for a few more weeks because I have a few items left to finish the nursery!

Meanwhile, I’m so curious to know when it really “hit” other moms that they were coming home with an a new family member. And I’d love to know what else YOU recommend in a hospital bag for labor and delivery. Leave me a comment below!

Next up: I’ll share some sweet details from my baby shower!

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