Good Ways to Preserve Baby's Clothes as Keepsakes

It's hard to let go of some of your baby's clothing as he grows, especially if a particular outfit was for a special event. While you can give away or re-use most of your baby's clothing, keep the most precious clothes by carefully preserving them in storage or by re-purposing them as creative keepsakes you can cherish for a lifetime.

Preserving in Storage

Have the baby clothes dry-cleaned, ensuring that any stains are removed. Purchase acid-free preservation boxes or archival storage boxes to store the clothes in. You can also opt to store the clothing in a plastic storage box made of polypropylene, which is ideal if you want a sturdier box that won't get crushed. Line the storage box with acid- and lignin-free archival tissue paper and carefully lay the clothing on it. Stuff the inside of the clothing with the archival tissue as well. Fold the tissue paper lining the box over the top of the clothing. Add a small packet of lavender, which helps to keep pests away and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Cover the storage box with a lid and store it under the bed or in a closet in a climate-controlled room. Avoid the basement or attic, which can have extreme temperature swings.

Shadowbox Preservation

Proudly display clothing that was part of an important memory, such as a christening or the outfit he came home in using shadow box displays. For the shadow box, you can buy a ready-made wooden box frame with a glass cover at a craft store, or you can make a frame yourself if you have woodworking skills. Line the inside of the shadow box with decorative paper or fabric. Use strong fabric glue to paste your baby's outfit inside of the box. Arrange and paste other items related to the outfit in the box as well, such as a birth announcement, hospital bracelet or christening bonnet. Close and seal the glass lid of the shadow box with a strong craft glue and hang it as you would a picture frame in your home.

Keepsake Clothing Blanket

If you aren't concerned about keeping an entire outfit intact but want the memories, cut up your favorite baby clothes to create a memory blanket. You will need to cut the clothing into even squares and sew them together onto a quilt backing, such as fleece or flannel. Depending on how experienced you are with sewing, you can get really creative with the quilt pattern. If you do not know how to sew, many keepsake companies can take your baby clothing and create a professional quality blanket for you, complete with embellishments of your choice 3.

Other Keepsake Ideas

Aside from blankets, you can also have baby clothes turned into decorative pillows for your baby nursery or to put on display in your home. Keepsake companies can also use your old baby clothes to make creative, one-of-a-kind stuffed animals or other soft toys for your child 34. Another idea is to cut up your child's clothing into various sized shapes and create a fabric mosaic decoration that you can paste onto a wooden side table or other surface in your child's nursery. Use several layers of sealer glue to paste the fabric shapes onto the table to create a glossy, professional look.