How to Give a Back Tickle

How to Give a Back Tickle. Giving someone a complete body rub is a wonderful way to care for someone you love. Most everyone appreciates a good back rub too. But many folks out there prefer a lighter touch. For people who were lightly tickled by their mothers when they were babies, a nice, soft back tickle is just the thing.

Massage a partner's back by sitting on his rump and rub the back starting at the neck and moving toward the waist. Alternate hard, deep rubbing with feather-like brushing with your fingertips. This massage gives the muscles time to react and relax.

Tap your fingers quickly up and down the person's spine. Move from side to side with tapping motions.

Sweep your fingertips lightly from side to side on your partner's back. It could be done as a very light rub. Move your hands quickly to keep the nerves energized. Continue with the light rub all over the body for a complete body tickle that will arouse the nerve endings delightfully.

Make someone laugh by increasing the pressure of the tickle. While a light feather touch can be relaxing, a hard movement with the fingers over the ribs on the back can send people into fits of laughter and tears of joy.

Use a feather or a small brush to give a good back tickle. Move the feather in small circles starting at the base of the neck and moving over the body to the small of the back. Continue the light feather rub from side to side as you move.


Tickling also can be tortuous so make sure that you listen to the person and stop if the tickling becomes painful.