Gifts for Daughters Leaving Home

When your daughter leaves home, a special gift is an effective way to tell her how much she is loved. It’s also an opportunity to remind her of all the things she’s accomplished and focus on her strengths. Parting gifts for daughters also provide a special connection to home, and are a way to mark the occasion. Whether she’s headed off to college, military service or marriage, a special gift will help her remember this special time in her life 1.


Jewelry is an appropriate way to mark a special occasion. For daughters leaving home there are many options. For the recent high school graduate headed off to collage, consider a charm bracelet with one charm. Add a new charm for each year of college, the first new job, the wedding day and the births of each child to create a family heirloom that can be passed down 1. A gold chain is a practical jewelry item that adds to a daughter’s jewelry collection without overpowering her sense of style. A ring is also a good choice, especially if you engrave a special message for your daughter inside. If you have an item of jewelry from a grandmother, leaving home is a time to consider passing that heirloom along as a special gift for your daughter.

College Gifts

Gifts appropriate for dorms and classroom needs help daughters when they go off to college 1. Big-ticket items such as a computer or refrigerator not only let daughters know you care, but also provide much needed items for college success. Couches, filing cabinets and lamps can complete a daughter’s dormitory room while making her feel you are an integral part of making her new home comfortable. Add special items along the way like gasoline cards and gift cards to restaurants to help keep her well supplied during the school year. These types of gifts are both sentimental and practical and let your daughter know she is cared for while away at college.

Gifts for the First Job

When daughters leave home permanently for their first job after college, there are many gift options to make them feel special. A nice briefcase for the new lawyer, a stethoscope for the graduating medical student or a set of reference books necessary for other fields lets daughters know your are investing in their future. A name plate for her desk, a high-end pen and pencil set or a business-card holder help your daughter's new office take on a professional look. If she loves beautiful artwork, consider purchasing a painting to help add a touch of her personality to her new workspace. In addition to these practical gifts, consider the gift of a journal for your daughter to keep a diary of her first months on the job.

Wedding Gifts

When a daughter leaves home for marriage, there are many gift ideas. Giving your daughter a gift of family heirloom jewelry, like a string of pearls, on her wedding day helps her reconnect with family and remember her special day. If you are a quilt maker or have a quilt that has been passed down from grandparents, making that a special gift will help your daughter have things she loves in her new home. Consider a hand-made scrapbook with items from baby days through her wedding day as a special parting gift. Presenting your daughter with a hope chest filled with items to set up housekeeping is both a practical and sentimental gift for your daughter’s new home.

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