Gift Ideas for Sisters With a New Baby Brother

In all the excitement and exhaustion of bringing home your new baby, his older sibling might feel like you're overlooking her or displacing her from her comfortable position as the center of your world 1. Keep big sister feeling loved and important by asking a few people to give her a big sister gift at the same time they bring a gift for the new baby. And be sure to pick out a special gift for the big sister from her new baby brother.

Big Sister Status

Colorful T-shirts, tote bags or large buttons that boldly proclaim, "I'm the Big Sister" are perfect gift choices to help your new "big sister" announce her new status. Give her a big sister T-shirt to wear the first time she meets her new brother in the hospital -- and she'll likely revel in the attention she receives. You can also send big sister cards every few days in the beginning to keep reminding her that she's an important member of the family.

Reading Gifts

Before the new baby arrives, spend time with your daughter reading age-appropriate books like "I'm a Big Sister" by Joanna Cole for ages 4 to 8. You should also talk about the things that happen when a new baby first comes home, so she's prepared for some of the changes. When baby arrives, give her a personalized book from the new baby about being the big sister; several online specialty retailers offer this type of new sibling book 1. Coloring books about new babies might also be of interest to little girls who enjoy being creative.

Big Sister Toys

When there's a new baby in the house, you might have to limit your time with the big sister as you'll be busy caring for her new brother. Give your little girl a special baby doll, along with a miniature diaper bag and toy diapers, bottles and baby clothes so she can care for a new baby, too. Older girls might enjoy a simple book about baby care so they can learn how to do basic things to help out. Other fun gifts might include a new book by a favorite author, a craft or activity kit, or pretend makeup in recognition that your little girl is growing up.


One of the best gifts you can give the new sibling is some one-on-one time 1. If that's not an option, arrange for a close family friend or relative to take the new big sister to spend a few hours doing something just for her. This lets her be the center of attention for a little while. Do something that emphasizes her "big girl" status. For example, take her to lunch, get manicures and pedicures or engage in some girl time at her favorite stores. Older girls might enjoy a coupon from you for a "girls' evening out" or "dinner for two" once you feel comfortable leaving the baby for a few hours.