Fun Ways to Decorate a Children's Church Classroom

The decor of your children’s church classroom can add to the fun and effectiveness of your church’s children’s program. The decorations can do more than brighten the room. Depending on your choice of decorations, the decorations can illustrate Bible stories, encourage positive character traits, display the handiwork of the kids or tell new kids and parents what you do during children’s church.

Bible Stories

If you have a lot of empty wall space in your children’s church area, you could create a mural with a collage of the kids’ favorite Bible stories. You could start with creation and transition to Noah’s ark, Abraham and Isaac, Moses and the exodus from Egypt and the falling of the walls of Jericho. If you have a smaller space, you could use illustrations for a single Bible lesson and change them each week. Use flannel on the walls, and you can use the decorations and flannel to tell the story with flannel pieces.

Character Traits

One purpose of children’s church is to influence kids to live godly lives. You could take a different character trait each month and illustrate the character trait for the month. If the character trait is love, for example, you could show kids happily playing together, children sharing their supplies or snacks, kids hugging and Jesus blessing the children. The kids can see concrete ways to live out the character traits. Augment the pictures with Scripture quotes that support each character trait. You could include a small area where you post the names of kids who are caught exhibiting the trait of the month.

What We Do

You can use decorations as an advertisement for what you do in children’s church. With parental permission, display pictures taken of the kids during children’s church. The pictures can include children singing, children dramatizing a story, kids using sign language to interpret a song or dancing to a worship song. The pictures can change as you take new pictures and add the old ones to a scrapbook or give the pictures away to kids in the pictures. Special events such as Easter, Christmas, summer or harvest carnivals are prime photo opportunities and you can use the pictures the following year to encourage kids to come to a similar event.

Church in Action

If your children’s church includes crafts activities, coloring pages and puzzles, you can display completed projects on a board. After a week or two on the board, you can send a child’s artwork home. Alternatively, you can allow the kids to create your displays. They might write poems, Bible verses or stories or create art or paper crafts. Allow all children to contribute to the display so no one feels that their efforts are inferior.