Fun Things for Teenagers in Dallas, Texas

Teenagers typically don't stay bored in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas. It is one of the largest cities in the country filled with cultural attractions, sporting events, amusement parks and shopping malls. Whether you and your teens are just in for a visit or you are considering a move to the big city, you'll find no shortage of activities to keep your teens busy.

Thrill Parks

Zero Gravity is a theme park offering visitors extreme thrill rides 1. Here, teens can experience a 7-story-high bungee jump, the skycoaster, which takes you soaring into the air at 60 mph, the blastoff ride, which propels you straight up at 70 mph, a 130-foot free fall into a net, or the skyscraper ride, which reaches four G's of force. Speedzone is another attraction where teens can have fun. It has numerous go-kart racing tracks including a head-to-head drag race, a drift-style racetrack and a wheel-to-wheel race accommodating up to 20 drivers.

Science and Nature

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is five stories of exhibit halls, interactive games, science labs, theaters and thrilling simulators 2. Teens might particularly enjoy the Sports Hall, the Discovering Life Hall, the Expanding Universe Hall and the 3-D theater. The museum also has a program called, "Lab Remix," which allows students to interact with the latest in technology, participate in a social experiment, and get creative and discover something new. Teens who have an eye for natural beauty and/or interest in horticulture will appreciate the Dallas Arboretum with its 66 acres of gardens 3. It also hosts a number of concerts, festivals and events throughout the year that teens are likely to enjoy.


Teens tend to gravitate to malls, especially malls that seem to have just about everything a teen needs to have fun. North Park Center is an extensive shopping experience with about 235 retailers, restaurants and department stores 4. The indoor facility has a large collection of interesting artwork and a landscaped garden. It also has an AMC movie theater where the teens can catch the latest show. West Village is a retail district in Uptown Dallas with close to 100 interesting shops and eateries 5. Teens might spend hours in this part of town checking out the stores and sights.

Game Centers

USA Bowl provides 58 lanes of bowling with regular specials, a video arcade room, a cafe and billiard tables 6. For the serious bowlers, it also offers youth bowling leagues. Dave & Busters features an extensive collection of state-of-the-art video games and virtual reality games 7. Here, teens can play popular games Temple Run or Cut the Rope, or more classic games like pool, shuffleboard and bowling. D&B's also offers an extensive menu with lots of fun appetizers, entrees and desserts.