Fun Activities for Teens in Plantation, FL

Plantation, Florida, is a town of 84,500 residents just west of Fort Lauderdale on the state's eastern coast 12. Plantation is situated between forests and the ocean, and features natural beauty, warm weather and lots of exciting activities 12. Get your teen moving with the activities that Plantation offers 2.


Sports are an ideal activity to keep your child fit and happy. The city of Plantation offers the Plantation Athletic League (, where teens can choose from sports that include softball, baseball, basketball, and flag or tackle 124. If your teenager is interested in flipping around, check out Nova Gymnastics ( If your teen attends Plantation High or South Plantation High, sports including track, football and baseball are available.


Elite Summer Camps ( are offered at the Plantation Presbyterian Church 2. People 13 through 17 years of age can participate in the Elite Leadership Program, where they get to help out and join in activities including self-defense lessons, yoga, dance, sports, art and educational activities. The Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science ( offers the IMACS Hi-Tech Summer Camp, where academically talented teens can thrive. Full-day programs are available for up to grade 10, and individual classes are offered for up to grade 12. Campers will have the opportunity to experience logic puzzles, computer programming, virtual robotics and electronics.


Teens will thrive in a class that grabs them with an exciting subject. The Publix store in Plantation ( offers cooking classes, including a Teen 3-Day Camp 2. Your 13- to 18-year-old will take an international tour in cooking, learning techniques and recipes from around the world from professional chefs. Teenagers with an interest in policing can participate in an eight-week program with the Plantation Police Department ( 23. The program offers K-9 demonstrations, participation in a firearms range, and teens even get to process a crime scene.


Teens can get out and play at one of Plantations many parks ( 14. Central Park showcases two Olympic-size pools, a water play area, lighted basketball courts, baseball diamonds, football fields, a track, and more. Botanical Gardens is a scenic park where teenagers can relax and walk or jog among trees, plant life and a butterfly garden. Pine Island Park features soccer fields, a concession stand and a picnic pavilion. It is near Broward Mall.