Fun Activities for Teens in Plano, Texas

Plano, Texas, has a variety of activities that cater to teens. Activities that will challenge teens physically as well as bring out their competitive side can be found in this Dallas suburb. Unusual games, such as Whirly Ball, or more physical activities, like indoor rock climbing or extreme ropes courses, will keep teens entertained and active.

Competitive Fun

Whirly Ball is a sport like no other. It is a cross between lacrosse, basketball and bumper cars. Each player rides in a whirlybug -- a bumper car controlled with a joystick -- for the entire course of the game. Teams attempt to score points by slamming wiffleballs into an electronic screen on either side of the arena, using rackets. The penalties and rules for interaction are similar to hockey or basketball, but Whirly Ball is definitely a sport in its own league. Fort Paintball is located in Allen, a short drive from Plano 3. The paintball facility is located on 40 acres of land offering nine different field options 3. Games can be played in nine-man, 10-man or big game style. Players either play individually or on teams and try to tag the other person out by hitting them with one of their paint balls. Teens enjoy the competitive nature of the sport while getting a physical workout and some laughs.

Active Fun

The Oak Point Recreation Center in Plano offers a variety of indoor activities 2. The indoor rock climbing wall provides 600 square feet of climbing space with five different top rope courses. The wall is 21 feet high and offers teens a physical challenge and a lot of fun. Comfortable clothing, tennis shoes or climbing shoes are recommended for climbers. Group Dynamix in Carrollton is a short drive from Plano 1. Group Dynamix is a favorite among teens and is the largest indoor team building center in the U.S 1. It was voted DFW's favorite teen party place in 2012. On "Adventure Sundays," which take place the first and third Sundays of each month, teens can arrive individually or in small groups to participate in the activities. The facility offers the largest indoors ropes course in America, laser tag, teen-friendly inflatables, climbing wall, archery tag and blacklight sports, including dodgeball, hockey, soccer and volleyball.

Art Fun

Color Me Mine in Fresco, just outside of Plano, offers a full-service ceramics studio. The studio gives teens the opportunity to pick out and paint their own ceramic piece. After the piece is complete, the studio will fire it and then you can take it home. Paint 'N Party in Plano offers teens the ability to take a shot at the pottery wheel 4. Pottery spinning and bisque work is taught in studio, as well as painting of the items. The studio is open for walk-ins and offers spur-of-the-moment art fun.

Water Fun

Hawaiian Falls Waterpark in Garland is only 10 miles from Plano. The waterpark features a variety of teen-friendly water slides, pools and beaches. The park's Hawaiian Halfpipe is a three-person over-the-edge inner-tube ride that propels riders straight up and then backward from a 40-foot drop. The Flying Hawaiian sends teens hurling down a 65-foot drop. If your teen isn't an adventure seeker, try the Kona Kooler, a lazy river that has continuous waterfalls, waves and beaches for lounging. Adventure Scuba in Plano offers scuba diving and snorkeling training in a 18-foot heated indoor pool designed specifically for scuba diving. From beginner to advanced courses, teens can stop in for some scuba diving fun.