Easy-to-Build LEGO Creations

LEGO bricks come in a wide variety of shapes and colors, and you can use them to build almost anything. LEGO kits are available to assemble cars, castles, spaceships and more. Your imagination is the only limit to LEGO designs; creations depend on your creativity and age range.


Buildings and houses are built mostly onto a flat LEGO panel. This serves as a foundation for houses and makes it easy to begin a project to keep it stable. Start with the basic shape of your house or building by snapping the LEGO blocks into place on the flat panel in a square or rectangular shape. Leave open gaps to add windows or doors in your building. LEGO has a variety of window pieces and balcony pieces to add to your designs. Taper the LEGO blocks inward at the top to create a roof to your house. Secure it together with a flat panel, completely closing it up.


Storage containers can be created using LEGO bricks and a large LEGO flat panel. Build a box shape the same way you would start a LEGO house or building. You would not leave any holes in the sides as you build up your layers. Build it up as tall or wide as you need it. Use your LEGO container to hold your LEGO creations 1. Make small LEGO boxes to use for desk items such as ink pens and pencils. Small jewelry or trinket containers may be made using LEGO blocks.


LEGO animals can be constructed using a long, flat LEGO brick for the main body. Shape your animal using different-sized blocks added to the long LEGO strip and taper your blocks out to create a rounded body. Sloped LEGO pieces and face pieces can be added to create the head and ears. LEGO makes smooth panel pieces to add to the tops of the pegs to create a smooth look. This works well for animals without fur, such as rhinos, elephants or dinosaurs.


Small cars and trucks can be created with LEGO blocks and the axle mounts to add wheels. A long, flat block works well to start out your car design; shape it however you like. LEGO has steering wheels available for vehicles. Snap in a steering wheel in the cockpit and add your LEGO person inside. Attach the axle block to each end of your car underneath and add the wheels. Different-sized wheels are available depending on how big your vehicle is. Shovels and scoops are available to add to your vehicle to create trucks or construction-type vehicles for farms.