How to Display a Barbie Collection

Part of the fun of collecting Barbie dolls is displaying them so your friends and family can enjoy your collection. When you display your Barbie collection, ensure that the display keeps your dolls safe while presenting your collection in an attractive way. Whether you have limited space or an entire room to dedicate to your collection, there are ways to protect your dolls while creating an engaging display.

Decide where you will display your Barbie collection 1. If you have an entire room, such as an extra bedroom, assess whether displaying your dolls will interfere with guest space or the needs of other members of the household. You’ll likely have to share your display space with others. If your space is shared, compromise with other members of your household on a space that you’ll be happy with and will allow you to showcase your collection.

Keep your dolls out of direct sunlight. Sunlight falling on your dolls will cause the packaging to fade, as well as cause your dolls to weather over time.

Buy a locking display cabinet for your dolls 1. This will be especially useful if you have young children in your home who might be prone to opening a package or two while you’re out of the room. This will also cut down on dust and curious pets who might be attracted to the bright packaging of the Barbie dolls.

Display your dolls away from collectible toxins such as cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke discolors packaging and gives the packaging a smoky smell. Such factors will lower the condition of your collection.

Display out-of-box dolls with doll stands. Doll stands allow your dolls to stand to their full height, and allow onlookers to appreciate each detail of the doll. They also prevent your dolls' clothes from becoming caught in shelving gaps or wrinkling.

Space your dolls apart so that each one has ample space. This allows viewers to look at the dolls without craning around to see what lies hidden behind a cluster of dolls.

Organize your dolls by theme or era. When using multiple shelves to display your Barbie collection, organizing the dolls by decade or type (such as movie-based, holiday or other type of commemorative doll) will make your collection more inviting and create some order out of chaos.

Rotate your display dolls if you’re dealing with limited space. If you are storing some of your Barbies while displaying others, rotate the dolls that you display periodically. This allows you to show off various dolls despite space restrictions, and eliminates dust accumulation.