How to Display Your Action Figure Collection

Action figures have been around for ages and while many people love playing with the little figures, there are many collectors who marvel at the miniature creations. From sci-fi figures like Star Wars to wrestling figures like the WWE Classic Series, there are many collectors who display their figures.

Organize your collection. Before you can display your figure collection, you will need to organize it so you can sort things out better. Keep all your packaged ones in one section, all your opened ones in another and even sort those piles out into different categories like Sci-Fi, Sports, and Superheroes.

Decide on how you want to display your collection. One of the most popular ways to display your collection is by simply keeping them in their package. Packages are usually designed nice for displays and this will also help keep each figure’s value intact.

Hang the packages on your wall by using small nails and hanging them by the tab that is used to display them in store. Try to keep the display even so the figures look nice along the wall.

You can also display them on a long shelf. The figure cases just need to be slightly slanted up against the wall so that they will stay and you will not have a problem.

Taking the figures out of their cases is another popular option. This will allow you to display more figures in a smaller area and be able to get more creative when you are setting up your display.

Purchase 6-inch plastic display boxes for your figures. The boxes come with a stand so your figure will stand upright and the figure being set up inside of a display box may make it look even more valuable than if it was in a package.

Set up a scene with your figures. Many of your figures will come from popular movies, comics, or television shows, so you can set up a scene for the figures.

For example, you may want to set up a huge battle royal for all of your wrestling figures. Simply set up a small shelf, place a replica wrestling ring on the shelf, and fill that ring with wrestlers. The same could be done for a Star Wars scene that recreates a light saber duel or ships flying through space.

Mixed media. Instead of displaying the action figures on their own, you can mix them up with other things you own. For instance, the Lost Action figures would go great alongside the DVD seasons of "Lost" and the same goes for any other movie or TV show.