Decorating Ideas for a Navy Blue & Pink Nursery

Decorating a nursery is a fun way to get ready for a new baby. You can choose a theme or a color scheme to bring together all the furniture and decorations for a unified look. Traditionally, blue was the color of choice for a baby boy's nursery and pink was the color of choice for a baby girl 2. Modern parents can bring together both blue and pink for a stylish combination for either a boy or a girl.

Choose a Dominant Color

Some parents may not be comfortable veering outside traditional color schemes for their babies. Therefore, they may be more comfortable choosing to decorate their nursery in mostly navy blue, if they are expecting a boy, or mostly pink, if they are expecting a girl 12. The easiest way to create a dominant color in the room is to paint the walls. After painting the walls navy blue, parents can create pink accents, such as pale pink fabric toy bins, a pink elephant in the crib or a pink mobile. Those expecting a girl might choose to reverse the color scheme, painting the walls pink and selecting navy blue accents.

Start with a Neutral Color

If the thought of an all-navy or all-pink room seems too much for you, choose a neutral color instead. Paint the walls white or beige and select furniture and decorations in navy blue and pink. You can choose a navy blue crib and a pale pink dresser with navy blue knobs, a navy blue or pink rug or a white or beige glider with navy blue or pink stripes. The furnishings will fill the room with color without overwhelming it in a sea of navy blue and pink.

Choose Bold Wall Art

The art you choose for your baby's room can set the tone for the space. Wall art also gives you a lot of opportunities to express your creativity. Simple silhouettes of animals like elephants, birds, bears and giraffes on a navy blue or pink paper are perfect for a baby's room. Stretch fabrics in navy blue and pink with a variety of patterns across various sized embroidery hoops and hang them on the wall. Hang a simple monogram block in either navy blue or pink over the crib or changing table. Most of these decorations can even be made by hand.

Experiment with Decor

The finishing details in the room can really bring the look together. Well-chosen stuffed animals in navy blue and pink can add pops of color throughout the room, sitting in the crib, on a book shelf or in a grouping on the floor. Face out books on the shelf that have navy blue or pink covers. Hang pom poms over the crib in either navy blue or pink, or a combination of the two. Light switches, trash cans, night lights and lamps are all options for decorating the room in your color scheme.