Day Boot Camps for Kids in Miami, Florida

Many organizations have switched to day camp settings, because they still meet educational objectives like those of overnight camps. However, day camps are more cost effective for providers and parents. Day boot camps for kids in Miami, Florida provide many summer activities with major learning and participation objectives including sports, academic enhancement, recreational fun and natural discovery. Many of these camps are held at public locations within or near Miami, including those on high school campuses, local and state parks, and university establishments.

Miami-Dade Parks

Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation provides a yearly opportunity for day camp activities for kids. Parents utilize the Miami-Dade’s rolling registration to enroll their children at any time during the 10-week program. However, registration must be completed at least one week in advance, before the child begins the program. Miami-Dade kids' activities are geared towards recreational, natural and cultural emphases. However, the camp also strongly emphasizes activities that educate kids about healthy lifestyles and living “green” with the environment. Activities for kids ages 6 to 18 include soccer, golf, tennis, basketball and more. Miami-Dade specialty camps include Eco-Explorers for ages 6 to 8, Camp at Sea for ages 12 to 16, Women’s Park for ages 11 to 18 and Camp for Children with Disabilities for ages 6 to 21.

American Heritage Camp

American Heritage Summer Day Camp is a 40-acre recreational area open for fun and learning for kids ages 3 to 13. Located in Plantation, Florida, American Heritage Summer Day Camp is less than 40 minutes from Miami. Fortunately, this camp provides house-to-house transportation with a two day notice before a child’s session begins. The camp offers numerous on-campus and off-campus activities, including swimming, video arcade, theater and art. The camp also has an updated computer room and five playing fields. American Heritage staff members are composed of certified teachers, college and high school students and screened volunteers.

BUCkids Camp

BUCKids camp offers several specialty activities geared towards recreation 1. Held on the campus of Barry University, BUCKids camp presents activities such as magic shows, archery, an obstacle course and arts and crafts 1. It also offers a bounce house, movies and fire and safety presentations. Kids also enjoy recreational swimming, computer time and dance. All BUCKids staff members are fingerprinted and screened with background checks. Parents must have insurance to register any child between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. Parents have the option to enroll their kids in one or more of the eight-week sessions.

Sports Medicine

Barry Clements Sports Medicine Camp is a two-day informational session for high school students 12. The camp offers detailed information about career possibilities as a Certified Licensed Athletic Trainer with an emphasis in the sports-medicine field. Campers hear informative lectures from sport-medicine professionals and they also learn about educational opportunities at the University of South Florida. Furthermore, campers take part in competitions, various planned activities and sports events. The sports medicine camp is presented by a university staff and includes discussion topics such as injury prevention, emergency care, recognition and rehabilitation.