David & Goliath Crafts for Kids

A popular story from the Bible's Old Testament, David and Goliath tells the story of a little boy David who, despite his size, defeats the champion giant of the Philistines. To help children understand and remember the story better, you can teach them related crafts. Taking home something they've made will remind them of the lesson that God can help them to achieve great things no matter what the obstacle is.

Five Little Stones

Bring five smalls stones and one larger rock for each child. Allow them to use tempera paint to cover each stone and rock. You can also allow the children to decorate the stones with markers, stickers, sequins or jewels. Hot glue works well for attaching these items. Once the paint is dry, mark each of the smaller stones with the letters D-a-v-i-d and the larger rock with the letter G, for Goliath. You can make a small bag out of felt or fabric to hold the stones. This craft will remind the children that David picked five small stones to take down the giant.

Paper Tubes

This craft is simple because it does not involve a lot of items. Print out David and Goliath templates from Sundayschoolkids.com 2. For younger kids, you can use the pre-coloured template, but older children will enjoy colouring the black-and-white drawing template. They can use crayons, markers, paint, or even add glitter or other embellishments. Cut out the templates and roll them up into a tube. Tape the tubes closed and you've got the two main characters of the story, ready for role-playing.


Depending on your craft supplies and the age of the children, you can make different types of puppets. Fun and simple to make, you can create puppets out of paper bags, tongue depressors or pipe cleaners. Paper plates, plastic cups and plastic spoons would also work.

For paper bag puppets, consider making David out of a small brown paper lunch bag and using a big shopping bag for Goliath. This will clearly illustrate the size difference between the two characters.

Allow the children to colour the puppets and decorate them as they wish. Glue on some yarn for hair and fabric for clothes and the puppets are ready for the epic battle.