Creative Writing Topics for Teen Girls

Your teenage daughter is likely very efficient at communicating by texting, emailing and messaging her social peers online. However, learning to write well is an effective way to develop her creativity and critical thinking skills, boost her confidence, and help her discover and express herself at home, school and later in the work place and society. The Pew Internet site asserts that "Good writing is a critical skill to achieving success." Providing teenage girls with creative writing topics can help them hone both their written abilities and ideas.

Biographical Topics

Many teenage girls enjoy pouring out their hearts in private diaries. Writing a journal at home or at school should be encouraged to help develop your teenage daughter's creativity and writing skills. Biographical topics are less intimidating than other topics because your teenager will learn to write by expressing what she knows best: her own life. To narrow this broad topic down, recommends providing creative writing topics such as, "My first memory is..." or "The most amazing place I'd like to go to is..." Giving your teenage writer free license to express herself in writing will let the creative juices flow and boost her self-esteem 2.

Social Issues

Teenage girls are bombarded with direct and indirect messages from the media, in print, television and online. These include messages such as how thin they should be or what they should look like and wear. Current news events often include stories about inequality and violence towards women. Your teenage daughter likely has strong opinions about all these topics. Encouraging her to write about them can help her learn more about what positive impact she can have on these important social issues. The site Building Creative Writing Ideas, recommends essay topics such as, "What do you think about the use of profanity by media?" and "Do you believe men and women should be given equal pay?" 1

Character Role Models

Teenage girls need healthy role models and mentors that can guide and teach them about characteristics that are important in life. Journalist Jane Merrick writes at "The Independent" that these can be both people they know in real-life or other figures. She recommends that teenage girls should be encouraged to look for female scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes, designers and other individuals that demonstrate strong characteristics. Use creative writing topics to help teenage girls learn to recognize good role models. You can give them a list of notable characteristics and ask them to choose a role model who embodies this, and then to write an essay about how they do this and why it is important. Character traits to choose from can include:

  • patience
  • courage
  • intelligence
  • modesty
  • humility
  • dignity

Historical Personalities and Events

Essays on historical personalities and events are common writing topics. For a more inspirational topic have your teenage daughter write about how a certain person or event impacts her life today and how it would be different if that had not happened. Teenage girls may wish to write about the first woman to enter medical school in the U.S. or the first African-American woman to become a member of Congress. Other personalities that affect modern history include writers and fashion designers. The site Building Creative Writing Ideas also recommends writing about why certain people in history behaved as they did 1. Such as why women protested issues such as having the right to their own bank accounts and how this helped to change history.