How to Create Animals With Fruit & Vegetables for Kids

If you're having a difficult time convincing your youngster to eat his fruits and vegetables, it's time to get creative and entice him with an adorably, irresistible snack. While the new snack-making might sound like a time consuming venture, you can assemble a few, quick animal shapes in just a few minutes. When you present him with a plateful of strawberry critters or cauliflower sheep friends, he might finally see fruits and veggies in a brand new light, and he won't be able to resist diving into his healthy treat.

Strawberry Mice

Cut a thin slice off one side of a strawberry to make the mouse' underbelly. Place the strawberry on a plate on this side.

Cut a grape in half to make two mouse ears and use toothpicks to secure the ears to the strawberry body. If you'll be serving the strawberries to young children, use spreadable cheese or icing to hold the grape ears in place.

Slice a blueberry in half and use one half to make the mouse' nose. Secure with a toothpick, icing or spreadable cheese. Make a pair of eyes with two small dots of icing of cheese.

Slice a thin piece of celery -- thin enough that it will bend and curve like a tail. Poke a small hole in the back of the strawberry mouse and slide in one end of the celery tail. You can use a licorice string for the tail if you don't mind a little more sugar.

Zucchini Sharks

Cut a triangular mouth shape from one end of the zucchini and then use a small knife to shape tiny, sharp teeth in the mouth. These don't have to be perfect, just a basic, jagged edge.

Make slits along each side to make the shark's gills. Make one slit in the top of the zucchini for the shark's fin and insert the triangle cut from the shark's mouth.

Cut a thin slice along the bottom of the shark so it will lay flat. Cut the slice into tail and pectoral (side) fins. Make slits in the zucchini shark and slide the fins into place.

Cut a blueberry in half for the shark's eyes and use toothpicks, spreadable cheese or icing to secure them to the zucchini.

Cauliflower Sheep

Cut one cauliflower floret. A floret about 2 inches long by 1 1/2 inches wide works well for a small sheep.

Use a toothpick to attach a black olive or grape head to one end and use two dabs of icing or cheese spread for the sheep's eyes.

Cut four small pieces of celery, each about 1-inch long to make the sheep's legs. Stand up each piece and place the cauliflower sheep's body on top. Use a dab of cheese spread or icing on top of each celery stick to secure the cauliflower body if necessary.


You can also make mice from avocado halves instead of strawberries. Use blueberries for the facial features and a long chive for the tail.