Crazy Food Games to Play With a Group of Teens

Put your teen's endless appetite to good use.

Teenagers can be fierce competitors and ferociously hungry eaters. Combine healthy competition among your teen and his friends with a series of outrageous and hilarious food games. Make sure the teens leave their nice clothes at home for this messy, awesome day of food-related entertainment.

Traditional Eating Contests

Have a good old-fashioned pie eating contest among the teens. Bake or purchase 4-ounce personal-sized fruit pies of any flavor. The teens must keep their hands behind their backs and can only use their mouths to eat the pie. The first teen to leave a completely empty pie pan and has a swallowed all the pie wins. For another silly eating contest, attach string to several donuts and hang them from a low tree branch in your yard. With their hands behind their backs, the teens must try to eat the donuts off the string. If any part of the doughnut falls on the ground however, they are disqualified. The first teen to eat their doughnut successfully wins.

Food Relays

Plan a pancake-flipping relay, similar to the races that are held in some cities on International Pancake Day. Give each teen a skillet and a cooked pancake. The teens must race between an area of the neighborhood that you designate and flip their pancake several times along the way. Put cones out along the race area where they should flip their pancake. Have enough adults available to referee. Teens who fail to flip their pancake when they reach a cone must go back and flip before continuing the race. For another food relay race, teens, in teams of at least four, must pass along a slippery canned ham. The first person in line must open the can, put the can underneath his chin and pass it to the next person's chin without hands. If the ham falls, the team has to start over.

Food Prep Competitions

For an ice cream sundae competition, two teens on a team must must make two bowls of ice cream sundaes for their two other teammates. The sundae must include two scoops of ice cream, sprinkles, chocolate fudge, whipped cream and a cherry on top. However, they cannot use their hands at all. They are free to use any other parts of their body to make the two bowls of ice cream, then they must get it to their two other teammates who have to race to eat and finish both bowls of ice cream first. For another game, have the teens compete to see who can make the best mocktail -- non-alcoholic cocktails. Give the teens ingredients such as club soda, sparkling cider, white grape juice, pineapple juice, ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and fresh berries. The adults get to vote for the best mocktail.

Food Guessing Games

Have the teens try to figure out the ingredients in blended drinks. Blindfold the teens while you put two or three items at a time into the blender. Make sure one of the ingredients is liquid so that it blends well. You can do fruit smoothie blends, like strawberries, bananas and yogurt, or get really creative, and a little gross, combining sweet and savory items, such as chocolate, cayenne pepper, and orange juice. Pour the mixture into small cups for each teen. The teens remove their blindfolds and try to figure out what the mixture is made of by sight, smell and taste. The teen who gets it right, or gets the most ingredients right, gets the point for that round. For another guessing game, put different textured food in bowls. Each teen gets to put his hand in the bowl and feel around for five seconds, then write down what he thinks it is. At the end, reveal all the bowls of food, and the teen who got the most right wins.