Cotton Candy Kid Crafts

Let your child express her love of cotton candy through art.

For most kids, cotton candy is the pinnacle of sugary delights. While you likely only allow your child to indulge in this treat on rare occasions, she can still celebrate her love of spun sugar by creating cotton candy crafts. Create simple and realistic-looking cotton candy crafts using a variety of kid-friendly art materials.

Paper Cotton Candy

For very young children, plan a simple cotton candy craft out of construction paper. Help your child cut out a puffy, cloud-like shape from white construction paper, then give your child light blue and pink crayons to color it in to look like cotton candy. Cut out a narrow triangle shape out of the construction paper as well to represent the paper handle. You can make it a smiling cotton candy by having your child paste googly eyes onto it using non-toxic school glue, and drawing a smile underneath.

Cotton Ball Cotton Candy

Cotton balls are perfect for 3D cotton candy crafts with your child. First you'll need to dye the cotton balls. Help your child fill small bowls with water and add about a teaspoon of vinegar into each, then add in 10 to 15 drops of food coloring in red, blue and green. Soak the cotton balls into the mixture for just a few minutes, so that the cotton balls are light in color, like traditional cotton candy. Place the cotton balls on a baking sheet lined with paper and leave them out in the sun to dry for at least a full day. Once dry, your child can pull the cotton balls apart and use them to create realistic cotton candy to put on top of a cone she can make out of a plain sheet of paper. She can use it repeatedly for imaginative play.

Shaving Cream Cotton Candy

Let your child get messy creating a cotton candy picture out of shaving cream. Cover a rimmed baking sheet with shaving cream, then add several drops of red, blue and green food coloring. Have your child swirl the colors into the shaving cream using paint brushes, then paint it onto a sheet of card stock paper, using swirling motions to get the best cotton candy effect. Let the sheet dry overnight, then cut the card stock into a cotton candy shape. Roll a piece of white paper into a cone, then flatten it and glue the top to the back of the cotton candy to complete the look.

Puffy Paint Cotton Candy

Make homemade puffy paint for a textured cotton candy craft. Combine about a teaspoon of self-rising flour with a tablespoon of salt, and just enough water to make a thick paste, then add a few drops of food coloring of your choice. Mix well. Use white cardboard for your child to paint on, as the puffy paint is quite heavy. Have your child paint a cotton candy shape onto the cardboard and draw a cone underneath it. Place the piece of cardboard in the microwave for no more than 10 seconds. The paint will rise and create a puffed-up, 3D look.