How to Collect Hot Wheels

Whether you started collecting as a kid or you're a big kid who loves to collect and display toys, collecting Hot Wheels cars is an exciting hobby. With hundreds of styles of cars to choose from, some dating back as early as 1968, there's an abundance of these die-cast cars on the market--and more being made all the time.

Buy a Hot Wheels Collectors Guide so you can begin looking at cars past, present and future, and learn their market values 1. One of the major aspects for a collector is adding priceless, mint-condition pieces to a collection, and in order to do this, you need to know what's out there.

Decide where to start your collection. You may want to start in the current market, buying every car that comes on the market in the present year. Keep your eyes open for special editions affiliated with department stores and other businesses. For example, the company that makes Little Debbie snacks often offers special edition NASCAR collectibles.

Collect by car type, model number, color, wheel type and more. You can quickly grow your collection by adding multiple variations of the same car in different colors or wheel types.

Search for Hot Wheels "treasure hunt" collectibles 1. Each year, Hot Wheels puts out limited edition cars that are hard to find. You may have to search high and low, but these cars will raise the value of your growing collection.

Search online auction sites like eBay for cars that are no longer available for purchase in the current market. You may also find great deals on old models at yard sales, flea markets and even on Free Cycle.

Visit the official site for Hot Wheels Collectors, sponsored by Mattel 1. This site will keep you up to date on new models about to hit the stores, put you in touch with other fans and collectors and even help you find out about conventions near you 1.

Join a Hot Wheels collectors club in your area to touch base with like-minded collectors 1. You can learn a lot from them, and you may even be lucky to find some good deals on cars. You may also be able to trade doubles that you have in your collection.


Protect your cars by keeping them in the original packaging. This will also ensure their value should you ever decide to sell them.