Christian Lesson Plans and Activities for Kids

It's never too early to begin Bible lessons with your family.

Christian parents want to pass their faith to their children. Many home Bible activities accomplish this goal and present a model of Christian behavior for children. Some activities require advanced preparation and others can be accomplished on the spur of the moment to occupy time riding in the car or waiting in line at the grocery store. Your local Christian bookstore or your child's Sunday school teacher are good sources of materials for Christian lesson plans and activities.

Bible Stories

Read or tell Bible stories to your kids, such as 1 Samuel 3:1-10 in which Samuel hears from God, or Exodus 2:1-10 in which Baby Moses is found. Ask questions, such as, “How would you act if you heard a voice call you when you were asleep?” or “Do you think God was pleased with Miriam's careful watching of Moses?” With older children you can ask, “Do you think you could hear God if he spoke to you?” or “What would have done in Miriam's place?” If your kids have a hammy streak, dress them up in biblical costumes and let them dramatize the stories.Review the Bible stories by asking your child to retell the story or by teaching a memory verse with the story.

Bible Games

Playing Bible games with your kids can motivate them to study the Bible so they can win the game. Challenge your child to a game of simple Bible trivia, Bible charades or matching games that pair a Bible character with his story. You can write out a Bible verse, cut the words apart and challenge your child to reassemble the verse, using her Bible for assistance. Use these in conjunction with the Bible story or separate for review. Jump rope while quoting Bible verses or have a scavenger hunt using Bible verses for clues. Hunt for a pearl after reading the parable of the pearl of great price or have children look for a toy lamb for the parable about the good shepherd.


Many children enjoy crafts and you can tie the crafts to a Bible story or theme. Have your child make an offering bank by decorating a small cardboard box with Christian symbols to remind him to tithe. Alternatively, your child can create craft stick puppets using yarn, markers and construction paper clothing to help dramatize Bible stories. For another option, write each word in a memory verse on a slip of paper and make a paper chain with the words in the correct order.


Many Sunday school classes and children’s Bible groups use songs to teach Bible wisdom, such as "Jesus Loves Me," "Jesus Loves the Little Children" and "I Have Jesus in My Heart." Learn the songs and sing them with your child during family devotionals or while riding in the car. At home, dance or exercise to praise songs in any way that seems appropriate. Learn "Jesus Loves Me" in American sign language or the hand motions to "This Little Light of Mine" to perform for friends and family.

Devotion Lessons

Some families use Bible devotions to impart wisdom and Christian values. Many Bible activity books have puzzles, fill-in-the-blanks and coded Bible verses you can give your elementary-age child and pictures your younger children can color for use during devotions. Ask your child to begin or end the devotions with prayer. Talk about the lesson together and find ways to apply it to modern living. If you aren’t comfortable with creating the lesson, use a family devotion guide or a children’s Bible that has suggested activities and questions, such as “Sticky Situations” devotions for elementary kids by Betsy Schmitt or “Bringing Lent Home with Mother Teresa” by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle for families with young kids.