How to Change Teen Diapers

Some teens need to wear diapers due to developmental problems or medical conditions. Often these teens may need assistance changing the diapers. The process of changing a teenager's diaper is similar to changing a baby's diaper, however special considerations exist. Ensure that you maintain respect for the teen's body and provide privacy as much as possible. Cleanliness is also important to remember while changing a diaper.

Change the Diaper

Ensure you have all the materials you will need close to you before you begin the diaper-changing process.

Lay a mat or blanket on the floor or on a bed. This will protect the area from any leaks or smears that might occur during a diaper change. Ask an assistant to help you move the teen if you can't do this yourself.

Ask the teen to lie on the mat; if the teen is not self supportive, lay the teen on the mat yourself. If the teen is already in bed and cannot move, lift his legs and buttocks and place a mat underneath.

Remove his pants and the diaper. Place it away from the teen, out of reach, as he may reach for it or kick it unknowingly, which could cause a mess.

Clean his body thoroughly with wipes. Be sure to clean the area well to get rid of all urine and feces. For girls, always wipe from front to back. Remaining urine or feces could cause a rash, which is referred to as diaper rash.

Apply diaper rash ointment if a rash is pre-existing 1. Creams will help seal the skin and block it from further moisture while it heals. A cream with zinc oxide will relieve the pain of diaper rash and provide an ideal healing environment. Allow the diaper area to dry before you replace the diaper.

If using a diaper with tabs, slide the new diaper under the teen and fasten. If you are using a diaper that slides on, put it on much like you would a pair of underwear. You may then re-dress the teen as usual.

Clean Up

Dispose of the diaper properly by fastening the tabs and placing it in a trash bag immediately.

Wipe the mat down and put away for future use. If it is disposable, throw the mat away.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water to get rid of any germs.

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