Average Height & Weight for Teens

Teens face many outside pressures within the media and among peers in regards to self image, weight and overall appearance. Eating habits, genetics, body type and involvement in physical activities play a vital role in proper weight and height proportions based on age. Muscle weighs more than fat; a muscular athlete will have more muscle mass, which may cause an overweight appearance. Teen girls develop at different rates and normally faster than teen boys.


Teens are classified in three groups. Pre-teens are boys and girls ages 10-12 years old. A teen consists of ages 13-16 and then the last set of teen years comprise ages 17-19. Teen girls and boys grow and go through puberty at different times during teen years 3. Teen girls can experience stages of puberty beginning as early as 10 years old 3. Growth spurts in teen boys on average happen between ages 14-16.


Puberty is the time period as a teen or pre-teen where the body begins to change and develop transitioning the child into adulthood 3. Girls develop breasts and begin to fill out in the hip area and will gain height as well, boys often grow taller, become more muscular, and the growth rate is very rapid.

Body Mass Index

Average healthy height and weight standards in teens are based on the Body Mass Index formula. A number is calculated from dividing weight by height then squaring that number. BMI in teens is unstable due to varied growth rates and the fact that during this age level the body is constantly developing. There is no set rule that will apply to all regarding this. The BMI formula is meant to give a picture of where the teen might be based on age, height and weight and can adjust up or down at any time.

Teen Boys

The average height and weight are as follows for teen boys based of the given age range. Ages 12-13 are between 58-62 inches tall and 85-100lbs. Ages 14-15 are between 63-66 inches tall and weigh between 105-125lbs. Ages 16-17 are between 67-70 inches, weighing 130-150lbs. 18-19 are 68-70 inches, 150-160lbs. For detailed and specific height and weight results consult a pediatrician or use the calculator on the Centers for Disease Control.

Teen Girls

Teen girls’ average height and weight are based off the following age ranges: Ages 12-13 years old are 60-63 inches and weigh 95-105lbs. 14-15 year olds are 63-64 inches, weighing 105-115lbs. Teen girls between 16-17 are an average 64 inches and weigh between 115-120lbs. 18-19 age group are on average 64 inches and between 125-130lbs. The calculator on the Center for Disease Control website or a visit to a pediatrician will give specific detailed results based off of individual information.

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