Bunny Rabbit Circle Time Activities for Kids

Bunny rabbits are among the most beloved animals to young children. If your kids are bunny lovers themselves, they'll likely enjoy engaging in activities with a bunny rabbit theme. Have a "bunny rabbit" day for your little ones -- and invite some friends over for an afternoon of entertaining, bunny-themed circle time activities.

Bunny Rabbit Reading

Once the kids are in a circle read some kid-friendly books related to bunny rabbits. Pass the books around so everyone can see the pictures. For kids age 4 and older, you might want to read "The Story of the Easter Bunny" by Katherine Tegen, which gives kids a back story on the Easter Bunny and how he came to be 1. For the same age group, "I Am a Bunny" by Ole Risom tells the story of Nicholas the bunny with simple words and sentences 12.

The Bunny Hop

Teach the kids how to do the "bunny hop" dance. Find a music recording of "The Bunny Hop" by Ray Anthony. Have the kids stand in the circle, and then have the children all turn in the same direction, putting their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. To do the bunny hop, tell the kids to kick their right foot out to the side with the heel touching the ground, then bring it back in and repeat. They should then do the same with the left foot. Then they should hop forward once, hop backward once, and then hop forward three times. They should do all the moves in time with the beat of the music. They can keep going, repeating the steps while going around in a circle. You can make it competitive for older children by sending people out of the circle for making a wrong move, or not keeping with the beat.

Classic Circle Games

Play "Bunny Rabbit, Where's Your Egg," a rabbit version "Doggie Where's Your Bone." Have the kids sit in a circle with one child in the middle of the circle. Give one child a plastic egg to hide behind him, while the child in the middle of the circle closes her eyes. The children should then chant "Bunny Rabbit, Bunny Rabbit, where's your egg? Somebody stole it from your bed!" The child in the middle gets two tries to guess who has the egg. Whether she gets it right or wrong, the child who has the egg then gets to be the person guessing in the middle. You can also play "Rabbit, Rabbit, Easter Bunny," just like you would "Duck, Duck, Goose." Have the kids sit in a circle. One child should walk around the circle tapping each child on the head saying, "Rabbit." When she taps someone and says "Easter Bunny!" that child has to get up and chase her around the circle. If she makes it back to the empty spot without getting tagged, the child left standing has to go around the circle, repeating the game.

Circle Challenge Games

For a memory challenge activity, have the kids stand in a circle and give one a small stuffed bunny. The first child says one word related to bunny rabbits, such as "furry," "hop," or "Easter." She then throws the bunny rabbit to another child who repeats what she said and adds her own word. That child throws the rabbit to someone else, and the game continues, with each child repeating what everyone before her said first. Remind all the kids to pay attention because once everyone has a turn, they must start over, throwing the bunny in the exact same order. You can also have the kids try a team challenge. Divide the kids into two teams and have both teams stand in circle. Give each team a stuffed bunny rabbit. Tell them they must pass the bunny around the circle without using their hands or feet. If they drop the bunny, they must start over. The first team to successfully get the bunny around the circle wins.