Bulletin Boards for Sunday School That Kids Can Help With

Whether you're a parent working with very young children or school-agers, the kids can help you create a variety of meaningful bulletin boards for your child's Sunday school classroom 12. Encourage younger kids to draw pictures depicting a series of Bible stories or familiar Bible characters that you're helping to teach them in Sunday school lessons. Older kids can dig a little deeper and create bulletin board displays that represent the key verses or lessons they're studying. Kids of all ages can also help you create bulletin boards to share information about upcoming events, such as Vacation Bible School or summer church camp. Engage your child and her classmates in creative bulletin boards that both inform and entertain.

Favorite Bible Stories

Creating bulletin boards based on familiar Bible stories works well with even the youngest of kids. Noah's Ark is a favorite for many, and the little ones can help by drawing or cutting out shapes of the many animals Noah took with him on the ark. Others can draw the rising water or the rainbow at the end of the story. Older kids can adapt this theme by creating a sequential depiction of the events in the story across the length of the bulletin board. The first panel might show Noah and his sons building the ark, the next the animals entering, then the heavy rains, concluding with the ark resting atop dry land with the rainbow shining in the sky.

Books of the Bible

As children learn the books of the Bible and their significance, it might help them remember these important lessons by displaying groups of characters or theme words on the bulletin board. Let each child pick a favorite character from a specific book of the Bible, then draw their image of the character for the bulletin board. Assign older kids a Bible book and ask them to select a meaningful verse from that book. Ask them to neatly print out the verse, with the citation, for the bulletin board. Another option is to draw a bookshelf with 66 books on it -- one for each book in the Bible. Play a game with the kids to see how many they can list, in order, and write the names on the books.

Christian Concepts and Values

Use your Sunday School bulletin board to remind kids of some of the core beliefs and values of your shared faith 1. Cut out letters from construction paper or use foam stick-on letters to spell out words such as:

  • "prayer," "charity," "kindness," "faith,"
  • "ministry." The kids can come up with lists of ways to live out the concepts and add them under the correct theme

Younger children might go through old magazines or Sunday School materials to find pictures representing the key words. They can cut these out and help affix them to the right place on the bulletin board.

Seasonal Themes

Easter and Christmas both offer numerous opportunities for kids to create bulletin boards for their Sunday School classrooms 12. An Easter bulletin board might incorporate the younger children's drawings of spring flowers, Jesus and the cross. Older kids can portray the sequence of events of this important Christian holiday, starting with Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and ending with the empty tomb after Jesus' resurrection on Easter. The Nativity is a perfect choice for a bulletin board 2. Each child can contribute a drawing of a key aspect of the story, such as the stable, the star or the wise men.