How to Build a Working LEGO Candy Machine

You can create your very own LEGO candy machine. The many LEGO accessories, blocks and plates that will allow you to create any structure that you desire. You can add a variety of hard candies and even gum balls. You have the option of using small or large blocks. You can use any color to make your LEGO candy machine more festive. All you need are the right accessories.

Lay a 6-by-10 plate on a flat surface. This is your foundation for your candy machine. Turn the plate to its width side. The plate should look like a long envelope in front of you. The back part of the structure will face you when you build.

Snap a 2-by-4 brick vertically in the middle of the second and third row from the right on the 6-by-10 plate. Add another 2-by-4 brick vertically on the left side of the 6-by-10 plate in the middle of the plate on the second and third row from the left.

Connect two 1-by-4 bricks together and snap them horizontally on the top edge of the 6-by-10 plate in the middle of the 2-by-4 bricks.

Add another 2-by-4 brick on top of the 2-by-4 brick on the right and left side of the 6-by-10 plate.

Connect a 1-by-8 plate horizontally on the bottom edge of the right and left 2-by-4 bricks. Then add another 1-by-8 plate horizontally where it snaps on the edge of the left 2-by-4 brick, the 1-by-4 bricks and the right 2-by-4 brick.

Connect a 2-by-2 brick on the left and right 2-by-4 bricks. The 2-by-2 brick will sit in the middle opening of the 1-by-8 plate on the left and right edges. You should see a rectangular shape in the middle of your structure.

Connect a 2-by-4 brick vertically on top of the structure on the second row from the right edge of the structure. This should cover a little bit of the opening in the middle of the structure. Repeat this step for the left side of the structure. The middle of the structure should still have an opening.

Lay down a 1-by-2-by-5 white brick in the middle opening of the two 2-by-4 bricks that you just added. The two circles on the edge of the 1-by-2-by-5 white brick should face you.

Hold down the 1-by-2-by-5 white brick in place using a 1-by-4 brick. Place the 1-by-4 brick evenly and horizontally on the bottom edges of the structure above the 1-by-2-by-5 white brick. The white brick should have a "tongue" sticking out in the front of the structure.

Add a 1-by-4-by-6 frame on top of the white brick evenly in the front where the "tongue" sticks out and add a 1-by-4-by-6 door in the middle of the frame. This is the opening for the candy to come out.

Connect a 1-by-2 brick on both sides of the "tongue." Add more bricks until you create a miniature tower in the middle of the "tongue" part with an opening. Place candy inside the opening and open the door to allow the treats to come out.