The Best Bubble Soap Recipe

Big bubbles can add fun to any outdoor activity for children. There is something festive about bubbles no matter the occasion. Using commercial bubble soap can get expensive, but you can make your own solution with the best bubble soap recipe around 1. Mix some up and set the children free to see who can make the biggest bubble 1. Try using bent coat hangers, looped string or even hands to make bubbles. The plastic holder from a six pack of drinks works well, too.

What Makes the Bubbles?

There are two primary ingredients responsible for producing bubbles: liquid soap and glycerin. The soap produces the bubbles. Glycerin holds the bubbles together and makes them last. It is also responsible for the iridescent colors. Not all soaps are equal when it comes to producing bubbles. Two commercial dish-washing detergents--Ultra Dawn and Ultra Joy--are considered the best bubble producers 1. Palmolive and Ivory also can be used but are not as reliable at bubble production 1. Glycerin can be purchased at pharmacies. If the cost of glycerin is prohibitive, light corn syrup can be substituted, but bubbles made with corn syrup will not grow as large as those made with glycerin.

Other Considerations

Other factors will have an impact on the quality of the bubbles. Hard water and water with high iron content will not produce good bubbles. Soft water is good for bubble production 1. If you do not have soft water, distilled water is ideal. Bubble production also can be affected by weather, especially humidity in the air 1. If the results are not what you expected, try the recommended adjustment to the recipe.


To make the best bubble soap recipe, combine 1 cup of dish-washing soap, 15 cups of soft water and 1/4 cup glycerin 1. Mix together gently. Try not to create bubbles while mixing the solution. The mixture will work better if left to sit on a counter overnight. If the bubbles do not hold together well or do not get as large as desired, try using 10 cups of water instead of 15.