How to Blow Up a Twisty Balloon

Twisty balloons offer hobbyists and balloon artists a medium through which to express their art. Some enthusiasts utilize an automatic pump to inflate their balloons faster or to lessen stress on their mouth and lungs. Still others inflate twisty balloons the old-fashioned way: with their mouths. It's been said that air from a person's lungs lends life to a balloon, and there are certain steps which ensure that life will pass from you to them.

Don safety glasses and place the nozzle of the balloon in your mouth and hold it with your lips. Pinch the balloon about 1 inch from its opening between your thumb and index finger, with your hand facing palm-outward.

Aim the balloon down and away. Blow a small bubble into the balloon and pinch off the nozzle. Take a large breath and try to inflate the balloon totally using just that one breath 1. Push that breath with your stomach rather than your cheeks to keep yourself from getting dizzy and passing out. Pinch the slack part of the balloon lightly as it's being blown up, keeping about 2 inches ahead of the incoming air.

Twist and tie the balloon nozzle off. Hold it away from your face to protect yourself from explosions.


Don't puff your cheeks out. If you get dizzy, stop for a bit and try again later. Use a palm pump if you just can't get the balloon started.


An exploding balloon can blind you if you don't wear protective eyewear or otherwise protect your eyes (with your hand, for example).