How to Make a Barn Out of Cardboard

This fun and easy project is a great one to share with your youngsters. They'll love creating their very own toy barn playhouse for their plastic or stuffed animals and dolls. The bonus is that it probably won't cost you anything to make it. You're likely to already have everything you need around the house.

Remove the flaps from the box. Use the ruler and pencil to draw the barn's roof line on the box. Draw peaks at the tops of two of the opposite ends of the box. Try to make them equal in height. Draw roof lines on both of the sides of the box. The peaks should rise higher than the roof lines on the sides.

Use a hobby knife, box cutter or scissors to cut the box along your markings.

Draw barn doors on the peaked ends of the barn. Shape each of them like a horizontal rectangle and position them at the bottom of the box. Draw a vertical line to bisect the rectangle in the middle. Cut along the top of the rectangle, and the vertical center line. This will create double doors that the kids can open and close.

Make the roof by measuring the two peaked tops of the box, as well as its width. Draw and cut out a cardboard rectangle that's about 1 or 2 inches longer than the peaks and wider than the box's width. Fold the rectangle in half and set the roof on top of the barn to make certain it will fit the way you want it to. Remove the roof and set it aside.

Set the barn on a layer of old newspapers and paint it red. Allow the paint to dry completely, and draw windows on the barn. Paint them black. When that dries, paint white trim around the windows. Paint a white "X" on each of the barn doors. Paint the roof light gray or white.

Return the roof to the top of the barn. Show the kids how to use the removable roof and the working doors. Create a farm with their toy animals and dolls.