Baby Food Menu Ideas for 12 Months

According to, children at twelve months old are ready to begin eating a diet similar to that of an adult in terms of variety. Since food preferences are set early on, suggests giving your 12-month-old a variety of tastes and textures to try 1. Foods that allow your baby to assert her independence are also welcomed since 1-year-olds are often beginning to develop a “me do it” attitude.


Banana slices cut up into quarters with peanut butter on whole wheat toast cut up into sticks. Serve with whole milk.

A 12-month-old can begin to drink whole milk at this time instead of breast milk or formula 1. Breakfast is a great time to serve up a glass of whole milk because it provides essential nutrients like protein and vitamins. Prior to a child being twelve months old, peanut butter is not suggested because of a possible allergic reaction. If your child is twelve months or older and food allergies are not an issue, peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and is delicious too. Serve the peanut butter on whole wheat toast so that your baby can get a source of fiber and whole grains in at breakfast. Finally, bananas are not only tasty to a twelve-month-old, but are nutritious too!


Applesauce with whole wheat crackers and string cheese. Serve with water or whole milk.

This is a well-rounded meal to serve to a twelve-month-old for lunch. It combines most of the major food groups including fruit, whole grains and dairy. Boost the dairy consumption with whole milk if you wish. Applesauce is an easy-to-eat food that many 12-month-olds can use to practice feeding themselves with a spoon. Crackers and string cheese are also good self-feed type of foods. This teaches a baby independence and autonomy.


Chicken with one-third of a baked sweet potato and brown rice. Serve with 100% natural apple juice.

Rotisserie chicken cut into small pieces along with a tasty baked sweet potato and some quick brown rice is not only an easy meal to make but healthy for a growing baby as well. The baked sweet potato and brown rice are easy for baby to feed herself, and the chicken provides a much-needed protein source. Serve it up with some 100% natural apple juice for a sweet drink.


Organic yogurt like YoBaby Yogurt is an excellent source of Vitamin D and Calcium and is yummy to boot. You can serve the yogurt alone or add fresh fruit like bananas or raspberries for an even better snacktime treat.